Models With Scars: Can They Make It?

  • Claire Louise

There are likely thousands of models with scars; you just don’t know it because everyone has them, some big and some small. Scars tell a story in many ways. They speak of memories, battles, hopes and dreams. They are so intricate and unique that they form a huge part of who you are.

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Scars can form as a result of so many different things; cuts, falls, scrapes, surgeries and more. Sometimes we’re born with them, other times they occur from injuries in childhood or general life. Often, they’re a result of stretched skin – for example during growth spurts, weight gain or pregnancies.

Stand out from the Crowd

Being a model is undeniably about the way you look, but who’s to say a scar is a bad thing and at odds with the way a model should look to begin with? A large part of being a model is also about standing out from the crowd. Of course there are plenty of different looks which form a part of this description – but for some people, it might be a scar which makes them more distinguished.


Models with scars can either use their unique markings to their advantage, or simply accept them. In many cases, models with scars can also hide them.

Even the most revealing forms of modelling allows for a little bit of airbrushing when it comes to photography. Make up can also be effective in helping models with scars to actually blend in.

Be Confident

However, what if models with scars aren’t ashamed? This is PERFECTLY natural. They form a part of who we are. Admittedly, models with scars may face further scrutiny, or shallow judgements, but it doesn’t have to hinder them – in fact, it can actively make them stronger.

Just look at Katie Piper, whose face was affected by an acid attack. She’s a true inspiration to so many women across the country and she has paved the way for models with scars. By elevating herself from victim status to a true survivor; she has managed to carve a career in TV and in print. She’s even got a book out to help other women in a range of fields to achieve their goals.


Inspire Others

If you’re less confident; we’ve discussed here how models with scars can go about disguising their markings. Make up artistry, clothing or even a tan can help.

However, remember that when you are a model, your body is often just the canvas for the clothes a brand is trying to tell. The director may want to encourage you to embrace every aspect of yourself. Just be careful not to be exploited for their agenda!

Whether you believe that models with scars can make it in spite of their unique markings or indeed because of their unique markings, the point is this: they can make it.

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