Durham Modelling

Is Durham your hometown?

Are you tempted by the bright lights of the capital yet are not ready to make the big move?

We can help you make the transition. Take a look.

UK Models explained.

Durham may not be famed for its modelling opportunities but here at UK Models we pride ourselves on being able to advise and inform potential talent regardless of their hometown location.

With over ten years industry experience and a team of experts ready and awaiting your application, UK Models are on hand to guide you through the first steps of your career professionally, informatively and most importantly, honestly.

Just register with us today! Successful candidates will be invited to a professional photoshoot at our London studios!

Register from Durham.

Without having to leave Durham, High Shincliffe, Chester-le-Street or any of the surrounding areas, you can simply fill in an online registration form to start the process off. If you’re new to the world of modelling but you think it is a field that you could potentially succeed in, UK Models will work with you to ensure the best possible results are achieved.

Begin to understand the industry.

Although you may not know much about this now, our team of experienced staff can point you in the direction of a market that’s best suited to you (from catalogue, commercial, beauty and high-end fashion modelling to real, fitness or classic) and then, with the help of a tailor-made portfolio, guide you through the initial process of signing you with an agency.

Input your correct details.

By registering with us online, and thus not having to travel from Durham for an initial assessment, you can start the process of advice off. Via our online registration form you can provide us with your name and contact details followed by your age and a recent photograph, preferably a head shot.

These details will enable us to form a decision as to whether or not we think you have the potential attributes to become a model, and if so, the necessary details so that a member of our New Faces team can get in touch.

What happens if your application is successful?

If you are successful at this stage, you will then be invited from Durham to one of our modelling assessments days where you will be given an in-depth opportunity to show off your skills and learn much more about the job and its expectations.

By working with our team of professionals we will take photographs of you in our studio to monitor your presence in front of the camera and your overall photographic results. Our make-up artists and stylists will make you look the part, you just need to show us what modelling talent Durham has been hiding!

Getting to London.

Train: The quickest and direct route to London is just shy of 3 hours. Arriving at Kings Cross Station you will be required to take a 3 minute journey to Great Portland Street to carry out your model assessment day.

Car: Driving takes 4 hours 24 minutes without traffic delays. A manageable journey yet please plan for hiccups and any service station stops. Leave in plenty of time to avoid being late and stressed when you arrive. There are plenty of car parks nearby but do expect to pay quite a lot.

Coach: A cheaper yet lengthy alternative is the coach. However, with a 7/8 hour journey to endure be prepared to travel the day ahead and not be bothered by the length. If you do choose this option book accommodation ahead as you will need to rest before the photoshoot. Also, understand that you will need to travel to your hotel and then Great Portland Street so keep the accommodation nearby. Work out the logistics before you set off.

Photoshoot expectations.

This will nicely lead us on to our next step in helping you to become a working model from Durham. Having experienced your photoshoot, we will tailor our advice so that you can learn and improve on your poses, expressing your personality on set and ultimately improving your modelling presence. At this point we will have chosen your top ten images from the shoot, and thanks to our professional team of researchers who will air brush each image for that high-end finish, we will be able to create your portfolio for you.

Build a professional portfolio.

This is an absolutely necessary part of any model’s pitch and thus we take great pride in providing you with the best portfolio service. You will able to choose from a traditional book that will contain ten of your best shots from the morning’s shoot, an online portfolio known as an e-folio (dedicated to your modelling career), a set of business card modelling cards known as Z-cards or a CD that has been filled with your photo images.

Returning to Durham.

Having answered all of your queries, informed you about the fundamental first steps of entering the industry as a new model and of course providing you with an impacting portfolio, we aim to build your knowledge to a level that will see you confident and capable of looking for work once returning to Durham.

Living in the North East of England may leave you yearning to live permanently in the capital. It is wise to consider this option with the buzz of the city having a strong connection with fashion and modelling yet do not rush the decision. Take time to see what is available in Durham and make a few trips to London to get to know the area well.