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How Should I Have My Hair for a Photoshoot?

  • Freya Hill

Lucky for us the United Kingdom is blessed with a huge pool of talented hair stylists that photo shoot teams can dip in and out of at their creative pleasure. Your hair for a photoshoot will be styled to perfection. The same goes for UK Models; whenever we work with an aspiring model to produce portfolio pictures for them, a talented hair and beauty team are on hand to literally transform the guy or girl’s hair.

Whether a model needs to have their hair curled to high heaven or ironed poker straight there’s normally a very capable hairdresser ready to do it, but when it comes to the photoshoot day they will not have the time to work on unkempt locks.

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For that reason, as a model, it’s imperative to follow these industry tips:


Top Hair Modelling Tips

  •     Make sure your hair is clean before you get on set. Wash it the day before your shoot opposed to the same day because perfectly clean hair can be a little hard to style; products don’t grip onto it very easily.
  •     Make sure your hair is dry (unless you are specifically asked to arrive on set with it wet). It should be completely dry so that the stylist can start work on it immediately without having to blow dry it first.
  •     Make sure your hair is knot free, again this allows a hair stylist to start work on it straight away. Time is precious on a photo shoot day.
  •     If you wear your hair tied up, make sure it’s not full of bobby pins or sprayed in place, instead in a hair tie that can be quickly pulled out.

They are our basic on-the-day tips for models and their hair. Both apply to men and women and are especially important for people with long hair. Unless you have been advised about hair care as a model before, the following points may not have entered your head either:


  •     Ensure your hair is kept in good condition by cutting it regularly. A model’s hair goes through a fair share of abuse from backcombing and an overload of hair spray to heat application (of a few hundred degrees) every time straighteners or curlers come in to contact with it. Get it trimmed frequently to avoid split ends.
  •     If you dye your hair it’s imperative to maintain your new colour. Photographers will not want to see your roots coming through.
  •     If you change your hair colour radically you may need to check with your agency first. It is courtesy to tell your agency about drastic hair changes so they can update their records.

What to Avoid

If you’re concerned about the state of your hair or you wish to avoid harmful products in the future, we advise models to:

  •     Avoid colouring, especially bleaching their hair.
  •     If models choose to dye their hair we advise visiting a professional hair salon. Using a home dye kit could go terribly wrong.
  •     Models should avoid using products when they don’t have to.
  •     Shampoo your hair every two or three days, not every day.
  •     Models should avoid blow-drying or straightening their hair when they’re not at work.
  •     It is important to regularly condition hair with a good brand of conditioner.
  •     Models can benefit from hair supplements and masks. A good hairdresser will be able to advise on products best suited to their hair type and condition.
  •     A varied, healthy diet will make a model’s hair shine.

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