Modelling Agencies For Kids

Child modelling gives both parents and their children a chance to experience a unique opportunity, save for the future, work with some big brands and most importantly, have fun. A child model can earn around £40 per hour on shoots, but this can rocket to as much as thousands. Many modelling agencies offer a child model branch.

However, there are also many dedicated child model agencies looking for both child and baby models. A stint in child modelling can lead to talent agencies noticing your child for other career choices done the line – such as acting. The opportunities are endless and are a great place to encourage your child into being who they are. Child modelling can include being involved in anything from TV commercials to billboards with huge brands such as John Lewis, Monsoon and Johnson & Johnson in locations including London, Kent and Los Angeles.

modelling agencies for kids

Most of the child modelling agencies in England and Wales are based in London. To get your little ones on the right track, get in contact with the best child modelling agencies in the UK by sending in headshots to determine your child’s suitability for the modelling world.

Opportunities that child modelling can bring

For successful applicants, child modelling can be a very positive influence. Modelling assignments can be as varied as working for smaller brands such as Mothercare to huge international fashion houses such as Gucci. Whilst most of the work in the UK is based in London (Bonnie & Betty have their office on Gunnery Terrace in Royal Arsenal), some modelling jobs can also be found in Manchester for northern babies.

Success in modelling in the UK can lead to modelling assignments much further afield such as Ibiza to Los Angeles. Working as a child model can encourage your child to be more confident and comfortable in their own skin whilst earning a little bit of money that is handy for the future.

Initial success as a baby model potentially lines your child up for further success in this industry as they get older. Many children who were successful applicants as babies remain with their agency for a long period of time and eventually become signed to an adult modelling agency.

Beginning their modelling journey as a child gives them a leg-up in years to come and the potential for a career is there. Many talent agencies sign new talent by monitoring industries such as child modelling. If you’re unsure about whether your child has what it takes to become a child model then check our article and decide if your child is suitable. You can also read our advice for parents.

Pros & Cons of child modelling


Experience – As a model, your child will experience many things for the first time. This can involve travelling to new locations to work on a shoot, experiencing new things as part of a job and making new friends with other models. It is a unique avenue to generate great memories and keepsakes that they wouldn’t have had access too without modelling.

Beneficial for social and emotional development – Child modelling thrusts children into a very outgoing and vibrant community. Your child will have the opportunity to meet many new people of varying ages at a young age themselves which will help to become comfortable in unfamiliar and new situations. This is very useful for later life when your child starts secondary school or a new hobby and will have a detrimental effect on their social confidence as they are growing older.

Potential financial rewards – Modelling can be a very lucrative industry with the opportunity to work for organisations such as John Lewis and the BBC. Shoots can pay anything from £40 per hour to £100 plus – and there is often a two-hour minimum booking that you and your child will be paid for. This ensures that even if the shoot only takes 30 minutes, you’ll still be paid for two hours worth of work. Child modelling is a great avenue to begin saving for future such as driving lessons, a car fund, university savings or even a house deposit for somewhere far off down the line. It will also give your child a bit of financial autonomy as they grow older and can help to teach them the value of money. Monetary awards don’t need to be limited to your child – a little bit extra can help contribute to the family as a unit.


Expensive & time wasteful – Child modelling is extremely competitive and unfortunately, a lot of time can be wasted in the industry. Casting calls can last for hours and it may result in your child not even being picked for the assignment. You can spend a lot of your own money on getting to and from the location, sometimes travelling further afield, and you often have to check in with the agency.

The start-up fees of getting your child involved in modelling can also be astronomical. It often costs to have your child featured on an agencies website/included in their books which can range from monthly instalments to a one-off payment. Agencies also earn their money off commission so it is important to be aware of how much your child will actually be earning.

A good way to get your child assessed is by signing up to a model support service before going to an agency like UK Models and find out if your child has what it takes in front of the camera. We can help build a portfolio and after the initial investment, you will be able to make this back with modelling jobs. Unlike agencies where you will continue to pay a large percentage of your child’s earnings.

Competitive environment – Modelling has a bad reputation for being an extremely competitive and unhealthy environment, especially for young people. It can induct a culture of placing emphasis on how your child looks directly related to their success.

Scammers – Not all child modelling agencies have sincere intentions. Be aware of scam agencies that charge you a lot of money to appear on their books and on their website. These agencies can take advantage of parents who don’t have any experience in the industry and it can end up a costly mistake.

UK Models

At UK Models we offer a model support service that can help child models break into modelling. We offer an assessment of each potential model and then help successful applicants build a modelling portfolio. We are here to support your child in any way we can so sign up to our website and start your child’s modelling journey today!

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