Models With Acne

  • Amy Bebbington

Models with acne don’t exactly seem to be the most popular faces on our screens and the catwalk, but it’s amazing what a bit of make-up and Photoshop can actually do. Whilst it’s of course true to say that models with acne aren’t the norm, they do very much exist.

Do Models With Acne Get Hired For Work?

We’ll be honest – it’s sadly a lot less likely that you will be hired for paid work if you have severe acne. A few spots can be overlooked, but it’s a business based on aesthetics and skin is perhaps one of the most important parts of that.

However, this doesn’t need to be a barrier forever. You can still build up experience as many other models with acne have done before you. You can still learn plenty about the industry whilst working on your image, and practice all of the things that will be vital if you’re able to further your career.

Models With Acne

Looking After Your Skin

Whilst some things can’t be helped, it’s important to note that looking after your skin is one of the most important things you can do when you’re a person who will be appearing in the public eye and doing the exact kind of work that modelling requires. For example, you must drink lots of water, and ensure that you’re getting in two litres or more every single day.

The things you eat can really help as well. If you eat a diet rich in grease, this is much more likely to make you break out. Fresh fruit and vegetables are fantastic for keeping your skin in the best possible shape.

Models With Acne

You can also keep up a great skincare regime! It’s important to remove make-up after you wear it, particularly the heavy stuff that you might wear for modelling jobs. Then you should use a moisturiser to keep it as hydrated and smooth as possible. Obviously, you need to make sure that you’re not using products that will further irritate the skin – unperfumed products are for the best, as they’re a lot less harsh. Simple things like regularly washing your hair (but not enough to dry out the skin) can really help – greasy fringes, for example, can cause spots.

Models With Acne – Severe Cases

Models with acne have often tried everything they can in order to improve the condition of their skin. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult and the challenge is frustrating to say the least. However, with the help of a doctor and specially medicated products, there is hope out there.

Do you suffer from spots? Would you be shocked to see models with acne? Let us know!

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