General Advice

Secrets to being a model

When going to casting calls always make sure that you are well presented, think carefully about your outfits so that it shows off your figure and always wear heels. You should wear some make up but keep it natural and the same goes with nail varnish as well.

Always look after your skin, the less products you use the better, after a period of time if you use a lot of products containing chemicals and alcohols in, they can have ageing effects.

The modelling industry can be an incredibly lucrative career given that you have the drive and determination to succeed, but it will only last as long as you have the same proactive nature and looks than when you started. Always have a backup career and keep up your studies until you are sure that modelling is something that you should take up as a full time career.

Diet and exercise are very important as ultimately your body is the tool to which you will be hired for work, if you don’t look after it you will lose out on jobs. You need to have a good relationship with your body to succeed.

To be a top model you need a strict exercise regime and to be conscious that you eat healthily, this does not mean you starve yourself but just look after your body so you have a naturally healthy look.

Advice for avoiding model scams

Always be cautious if a company claiming to be a model agency approaches you online. This is not normal practice. UK Models will only make contact with aspiring models if they have approached our company first via one of our official landing pages: the UK Models website, app or Facebook page.

If any person or company claiming to be a model agency that sends a message of a sexual or explicit nature ignore or report them immediately.

It is common industry practice for a model agency or support service to gain parent/guardian permission before an under 18 engages in modelling work. If a person/company suggests that they can bypass this stage we can confirm it will not be a legitimate organisation (and very possibly dangerous).

UK Models will never send a ‘Friend Request’ to a model and will never invite anyone to Skype with a model scout. The same can be said for other legitimate companies in the industry. If you experience either one of these invites we suggest you ignore it.

UK Models is a model support service, not a model agency, therefore we never scout models or ask them to sign onto our books. We go by the name of ‘UK Models’ only.

The official UK Models website is and our New Faces Consultants’ numbers will begin with 020 3959 3XXX. A person calling from any other number will not be related to us.