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What is a Z-Card?

Z cards are a modelling version of business cards and like a portfolio they show your versatility and scope as a model. Unlike your portfolio that will stay with you throughout your career as a model. A Z-Card can be handed out and left with potential clients and agencies.

Information to include on your Z-card.

A Z-Card will generally include around 4-6 images of different looks and styles along with your statistic i.e. height, age, dress size as well as your main contact information. Z-Cards have been around for many years and are very popular with professional models as a means to market them into modelling work.

How do Z-cards benefit you?

Modelling agencies often display Z-Cards. It is the easiest way of advertising your skills to photographers, art directors with them saving and keeping the cards could mean you will be in mind hopefully for their up and coming projects.

Professionalism is key.

Like a portfolio the images must be of a high standard. Amateur photographs will not suffice and will cost you opportunities. Seek out a professional photographer who has relevant experience to shoot quality images that show your model capabilities.

Gather a small selection of images to use on your Z-Card that you are proud of and demonstrates your potential. Your edit of shots will act as a representation of your talent.

The layout is important.

A clear, concise design is vital to the layout of your business cards. The images should be arranged neatly with your statistics easily available. A messy Z-Card will be disregarded immediately whereas a beautifully layout will work in your favour.

The industry expert will easily be able to assess your talent and read your information easily. Choose a clear font and a colour combination that does not require for you to strain your eyes too much. The Z-Card format should be user friendly and attract the attention of the right people.


Never miss an opportunity by carrying your Z-Card around with you at all times. Whether at a photoshoot, catwalk show, exhibition or a fashion party you may just need to reach for your details. By having your design safely stored in your bag you can easily present the document at a moments notice. An easy way to build connections and links within the industry. Without the Z-Card this interaction would be much more difficult.

A model must always remain in a professional character whilst at work events. Do not become too intoxicated as you may just regret your actions the next morning. Remain friendly and chatty at all times to make a great impression. Networking is a difficult task yet by building confidence and having a Z-Card to hand it will become easier

Make a good impression.

Remember your Z-Card may be the first interaction you have with a future employer. Therefore, it is vital that you carefully consider all aspects before sending to print. A professional will make up their mind in a few seconds if the card is worth keeping or not so please absorb the importance of this document.

Think about the impression you would like to make and design the card accordingly. If you are struggling to complete the design yourself, reach out for help off a professional. It will be worth it once you have secured your first casting due to the Z-Card.

How UK Models can help?

The photographs that are taken at the UK Models photoshoot can be featured on your Z-Card. Taken by a professional photographer the images will be high quality and will show your potential as a model. It is the perfect way for an aspiring model to gain confidence and experience in the industry with an edit of photographs to prove it and utilise.

With hair and make-up artists styling your look, there is no doubt that the shots will be professional and to an exceptional standard; a perfect way to begin you career.

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