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It’s Okay To Be human!

  • Freya Hill

…Be human! As the UK’s number one model support service our main aim is to reassure and advise models about the industry, making their career path as smooth and easy to travel down as possible. With that, here are a selection of useful hints and tips that we’ve learnt along our own route of supporting aspiring guys and girls.


It’s okay to ask questions! So fire away! Chat to your stylists, casting agents, photographers or make-up artists and never be nervous of speaking up if you have a question.
If you’re 100% new to the industry you’ll be pleased to hear that’s why UK Models exist: we answer questions you may have about agencies, finding work or promoting yourself, we specialise in model portfolio advice too. If you want to make use of our services send us an application form on our website and then continue to use us as a point of information for a whole year after we have met.
The same goes for your agency / agent; these people are employed to support you with the second stage of your career. Don’t think any question is too small or too silly. If you don’t ask you won’t learn!

It’s okay to have freckles and moles! You might hate them but the industry love features that set you apart from everyone else.

It’s okay to be nervous! Even supermodels will agree that they still get butterflies before stepping out onto the catwalk, or they vividly remember how terrified they were about the first photoshoot they undertook. Models are human just like everyone else and naturally, with new experiences come nerves.
If you’re particularly apprehensive about standing in front of the camera (but deep down you know you have the skills in place to be a model) think about visiting us at our UK Models studios to increase your confidence. We work with aspiring models on a daily basis and our professional (but lovely) team of make-up artists, stylists and photographers will let you experience a photoshoot without the pressures of it being a real, paid job.


It’s okay to take your parents with you! To your first agency meeting or to any photoshoot. Lots of models do this so that they don’t miss out on any important information. It’s always handing having an adult there to talk through contracts and payments too. We cover this topic in much more depth on our blog ‘Why do I have to take my parents to a photo shoot?’.

It’s okay to take lunch with you! Forget this ‘models don’t eat’ malarkey; we’ve been there and seen them gobble down the turkey breast sandwich! If you have a long day of shooting ahead of you, be sensible and take a pre-made lunch. The last thing you want is a rumbling tummy on set or even worse, everyone panicking when you faint. Use your head and don’t eat whilst you’re wearing an elaborate gown or just after you’ve had your make-up done, instead have your lunch at the back of the room away from garments and equipment. Also avoid fizzy drinks that could froth up everywhere.

It’s okay to look at your photos! Do whatever it takes to make your shots beautiful, as long as you’re not being a pest! If you are struggling to get your poses right or you are doing something great and want to see why/what looks so good, most photographers will be happy for you to step off set and have a look at your pictures on the computer screen. Just remember to ask first and always show respect for their work.

It’s okay to stuff your shoes with socks! This can affect men as much as women, especially if you have small feet in comparison to your height. If you are on set or backstage at a runway and you have been asked to wear shoes that quite simply don’t fit, you can stuff socks or tissues into them to prevent them falling off. Honestly, as unprofessional as it sounds, hundreds of models do it. There’s just one major rule you need to bear in mind; make sure the socks can’t be seen.

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Posted by Freya Hill

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