Alleviating Your Worries; Becoming a Model Doesn’t Have to Be Scary

  • Melissa Keen

As the UK’s number one model support service, our main aim is to reassure and advise models about the industry, making their career path as smooth as possible.

Becoming a model doesn’t have to be scary; here is a selection of useful hints and tips that can help you navigate the confusing world of modelling.

It’s OK to Ask Questions

There really is no such thing as a stupid question, but if you really want to stand out from the crowd, do your research and arrive already well-versed in the world of modelling. Chat to your stylists, casting agents, photographers and make-up artists, and never be nervous to speak up if you have a question.
If you’re 100% new to the industry, it’s sometimes worth getting in touch with a modelling advice agency; they can answer questions you may have about agencies, finding work or promoting yourself. Some also specialise in model portfolios and are able to help you create the ideal tool to help you win jobs.

It’s OK to Not Be Perfect!

No one is perfect; there’s a reason perfecting filters and apps are on the rise. While there is undoubtedly a pressure to look a certain way in the modelling industry, there are no set criteria; in fact, your uniqueness is what will help you stand out. The industry loves features that set you apart from everyone else.

It’s OK to be Nervous!

Even supermodels will admit that they still get butterflies before stepping out onto the catwalk. It’s ok to be nervous, but you need to find a way to mask your nerves as best you can. Experience will naturally help you become confident over time, but it might also be worth taking an acting class or two to help you master the art of looking calm, even when you’re not!

If you’re particularly apprehensive about standing in front of the camera, think about visiting us at our UK Models studios. We work with models to help boost confidence, give vital experience and answer any questions you may have. It’s the perfect no-risk, low-pressure environment to test out your skills and see if you have what it takes. We also have a host of industry professionals, from make-up artists and stylists to photographers, who can guide you through the process and allow you to experience a real-life photo shoot from beginning to end.

It’s OK to Get Support

You are absolutely allowed to take a friend or family member with you to your first agency meeting or to any photo shoot (in fact, it’s a requirement for those under 16). Lots of models also do this so that they don’t miss out on any important information, and as an added measure of protection.

It’s also handy having an adult or friend there to help with discussions about contracts and payments. If you’re new to this, it can be pretty overwhelming and it can be easy to overlook vital details or sign in a hurry, but having someone there to help read the small print could help you avoid agreeing to something that could have repercussions further down the line.

It’s OK to Look After Yourself

If you have a long day of shooting ahead of you, be sensible and take a pre-made lunch. A lot of photo shoots are catered, but if you have food allergies or specific requirements, it’s always a good idea ot bring some snacks and drinks with you. The last thing you want is a rumbling tummy or to feel light-headed on set, especially with the bright lights and nerves at play. May models like to eat little but often to avoid bloating, and they drink plenty of water.

It’s also important to get enough sleep and rest between shoots. Some periods, such as Fashion Weeks, will be manic; many models are on the go constantly. During these periods, it’s vital to prioritise your physical and mental health when you can.

It’s OK to Look at Your Photos

Do whatever it takes to make your shots beautiful, including asking to look at your photos. If you are struggling to get your poses right or you need to see exactly how the light is hitting you, most photographers will be happy for you to step off set and have a look at your pictures on the computer screen. Just remember to ask politely and always show respect for their work.

It’s OK to Cut Corners!

Modelling isn’t always glamorous; in fact, it can often be about creating the illusion of glamour. As an example, sometimes you may be required to make certain clothing or accessories fit you by “botching” them. Many models have been known to stuff tissues or socks into their too-big shoes to help them better fit. As long as it’s invisible to the outside eye, you can do whatever it takes to make clothing look or fit better!

Are you interested in becoming a model? Why not register with us today; we offer aspiring models professional advice to help them succeed. 

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