Glasgow Modelling

Living in Glasgow with a passion for modelling?

Unsure of your next step as London feels like a gigantic leap into the unknown. Sound familiar?

UK Models have got you covered!

Trust us.

Despite a great deal of modelling work emerging in London, UK Models are able to advise and guide models through the initial steps of their chosen career from as far a field as Glasgow, whether you’re in Springburn, Bishopriggs, Rutherglen or Govan. 

Register with us today to give modelling a shot!


What can UK Models do for aspiring Glaswegian models?

Priding ourselves on our professional and honest approach alongside fourteen years of industry experience, we can help you to achieve your full potential by teaching you some of the most fundamental rules you will require to excel in this industry.

By explaining to you the range of model work available (from fitness, fashion, catalogue and real modelling to high-end, commercial and beauty work) and then working with you to establish your dreams, needs, personality and skill set, we will be able to guide you through a progression route that’s tailored for you.

Having worked with young children, teenagers and adults of both sexes, UK Models have guided thousands of aspiring new talent from Glasgow (and the rest of the country) through the ins and outs of reaching their goals.

The first step is registration.

The first steps to become a Glasgow based model are simple. By logging on to our UK Models website and filling in a brief registration form with your contact details, age and a recent headshot of yourself, a member of our New Faces team will be able to assess a models talent. At this point you need to worry about leaving Glasgow, everything that we need to know about you can be gathered from this form.


An invite to London.

If our experienced team believe that you are talented, someone will promptly make contact with you and then invite you to one of our professional assessment days. This is nothing to worry about, in fact it is valuable experience that we know you will take a lot from.

Not only will you be offered the chance to work with our beauty, styling and photography team on set to have a series of photographs taken, this will be our chance to assess your skill set and tailor our advice to make sure you make the most out of your trip from Scotland.

We will be able to spot your weaknesses and help you to improve them, we will also be able to pick out your strong points and teach you how to really work them to your advantage.

Travelling to London.


Train: The direct journey from Glasgow Central Station to either London Euston or London Kings Cross takes from 4.5 to 5.5 hours. It is a long yet manageable route to undertake and should be booked early to keep the costs down. Also, choose a time that gets to you to London in time for the assessment day. This may involve travelling the day earlier and staying over night.

From Euston opt for a 4 minute bus journey or 12 minute walk to Great Portland Street. Kings Cross is a similar distance with a 3 minute tube ride or a 20 minute walk.

Car: Driving takes just over 6.5 hours, which will demand numerous stop offs to rest. Schedule these service breaks into the entire journey and drive safely. There are car parks nearby yet check prices to avoid paying a hefty sum.

Plane: Flying into one of the London airports is a shorter option taking under 1.5 hours. Check out the prices as you may find that this option is in fact quicker and cheaper than driving or catching the train. Ensure that you then plan your journey to Great Portland Street adding another 2 hours to your journey.

The benefits.

Having this level of professional critique will massively improve your chances of industry success, but without a professional portfolio you will not be ready to start looking for work. It’s for that reason that UK Models now offer models across the country their very own portfolio so that once you return to Glasgow you’re not stuck trying to source one for yourself.


The portfolio options.

Taking your ten best images from the photo shoot, we will provide you with a variety of portfolio options that will enhance your job prospects (whether this is a hard copy portfolio, a personal online website, Z-cards or a disk loaded with images). Ultimately we aim to provide you with a series of professional shots that you are comfortable in using to represent yourself.

We will work with you to ensure that you understand how to use your portfolio, what to expect from castings and how modelling in Glasgow will vary from modelling work in London. The management of your portfolio is important ensuring that the images are relevant and to a high standard. If you have any questions about the modelling world, make sure you ask them when you come and see us, and we will try our utmost to answer them.

Back in Glasgow.

Although we cannot guarantee that you will get work immediately after this assessment day, we are confident that our fourteen years of experience working with thousands of other hopefuls will ensure you have the best possible chance of reaching your goals.

The distance from Glasgow to London could leave you pining for the opportunities in the capital. Assess the situation in Scotland first to see if you can secure work nearby. If not, plan your relocation to London to ensure that you have enough funds to afford living in the capital. Your UK Models portfolio will support your move to London in search of the right model agency. The organisation that you choose will have a good client base and list of contacts to help find you work.