Birmingham Modelling

Are you a proud citizen of Birmingham with a passion for modelling? 

Have you rarely stepped outside of the Midlands but are tempted by the capital? 

UK Models is definitely for you. See for yourself.

Why pick UK Models?

If you’ve dreamed of seeing your face on one of the many advertising boards displayed throughout the Bull Ring or you’ve always wanted to walk one of the runway shows held at Birmingham’s NEC, UK Models are professionally equipped and experienced to help you reach your full modelling potential. 


We take pride in our work.

Proud of our title the ‘UK’s leading model support service’ and having helped thousands of other new models throughout our fourteen years of experience, we are able to provide honest and valuable advice as you come to take the first steps of your career.

By explaining the various modelling opportunities available to you first, whether this be catalogue, commercial, real-life modelling or an area that is much more niche such as fitness or high-end fashion, we will be able to match your personality, needs and look to a sector that is right and genuinely suited for you. 

What is a model support service?

You may wish to apply to agencies in and around Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Worcester or indeed here in London, but the service we offer will still be the same. Regardless of your age, ethnicity or sex, UK Models have the skills and knowledge to assist you in your quest.

If you feel like you’re ready to start receiving professional advice, the first step is for you to log on to our website and fill in a basic registration form. This is by no means a test; it just provides us with the information that we require so that we can start giving you honest feedback as to whether we think you’re ready to start working as a model. You will be asked to submit your contact information (name, phone number and email address), age and a recent photograph so that we can assess your suitability.


Be patient.

Once you have submitted your details one of our qualified members of staff from our New Faces team will have a look at your application and if they think you have potential, will contact you and invite you to one of our assessment days. 

The assessment day.

This will involve you travelling to London but just for one day. Whilst you are with us you will have the chance to take part in a shoot and work alongside our professional team of photographers, make-up artists and stylists and then pose for the camera to start building up your portfolio. Whilst you get to grips with this way of working, we will be able to figure out your strengths and weaknesses and thus decide the best way in which we can help you to become a successful model in Birmingham.

The travel.


Train: The route from Birmingham New Street is just shy of 1.5 hours. The train arrives at London Euston, which is a 13 minute walk to Great Portland Street. Alternatively, take a 4 minute tube ride to reach your destination. Never leave booking your train ticket to the last minute as the prices will dramatically increase. 

Car: A 2 hour drive will lead you to Great Portland Street. A manageable distance yet always consider traffic delays and a quick rest stop if required. Leave with enough time to arrive promptly. Park close by to avoid getting lost on your way to the studio. 

Coach: From Birmingham Coach Station the coach takes just over 2.5 hours to reach London Marble Arch. Stretch those legs and walk half an hour or hop on a tube to reach Great Portland Street. A cheaper alternative than the train adding an hour onto the total journey. 

The portfolio.

This process will also allow us to create a professional portfolio on your behalf. When it comes to portfolios there are a variety of options available to you. To start with there is a traditional portfolio; a book that consists of ten airbrushed images displayed within it. Secondly we can provide you the same images on a disk, this allows you to use them as and when and in whichever way you please. Portfolios are the perfect way to showcase a models work to a model agency who if impressed will sign you to their books and find a job for you via their list of contacts. 

What is a Z-card and an e-Folio?

On top of that we offer Z-cards (a visual business card of your best poses alongside your contact details and statistics) and an e-folio (a personal website dedicated to your modelling career). Together these will help you to have a stronger position against your competition and thus stand out from the crowd.


The results.

By working with UK Models to create a portfolio, plus choosing to receive honest, professional advice to better your chances of becoming a model, we aim to prepare you for the industry in the best possible way that we can. 

This by no means guarantees that you will go on to gain work, but from our experience of assisting thousands of other aspiring men and women, we can assure you that we have a formidable amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to guiding people as they break into the world of modelling.

On your return to Birmingham.

Birmingham is a large city with lots of opportunities to offer. However, there is no guarantee that you will find work in the Midland area. Take your portfolio to Birmingham agencies to find out if you have the look to succeed in the industry and if they can represent you. Although you will be signed to a local agency the demand to travel will be expected. Your base will remain in Birmingham close to your friends and family however, if you wish to relocate the option is also available. Both routes will be difficult demanding hard work, commitment and devotion. Being a model requires persistence year after year to become successful!