Oxford Modelling

Do you live in the picturesque city of Oxford yet yearn for modelling opportunities in the big smoke?

For those who inhabit the city, the capital is commutable, to begin with at least!

Uncover how Oxford citizens can pursue their dream of modelling in London without having to relocate immediately.

How can UK Models help?

Recognised as the ‘UK’s leading model support service’ and only sixty miles away from Oxford in London, UK Models have ten years of industry experience when it comes to helping new models in the industry. If you think you have what it takes and you’re ready to start the modelling process off, we’re here to advise, inform and teach you the fundamentals for when it comes to making those all important first steps.

From commercial, catalogue, classic and real modelling through to fitness, beauty and high-end fashion, here at UK Models we have worked with thousands of people from all across Oxford (Chawley, Headington and Cowley included) to firstly find an area of modelling that is right for them and secondly, prepare them in the best possible way for approaching agencies and to begin work.

Particularly popular with young adults of both male and female sex (but also working with children and niche categories such as older men and women), we aim to provide you with as much information as possible to make your modelling career as successful as it can be.

How do I apply to UK Models?

If you’re interested in getting in touch with us here at UK Models, all you need to do is pop online and fill in a quick registration form so that we can understand a bit more about you. You will be asked to enter your contact details, followed by your age and a recent headshot photograph of yourself. This will enable us to make an initial judgement and ultimately decide if you have what we think it takes to enter the world of modelling.

What happens next?

Shortly after receiving your application a member of the New Faces team will be able to assess your profile and then if you are considered successful, we will contact you to explain the next steps. For one day we will invite you to come over from Oxford to our studios in London and work with our team in an initial assessment. This will be a really relaxed experience but one that will provide us with a lot of useful information in terms of seeing how you photograph, how you react to the studio environment and quite importantly, what sort of look and personality you really have.

Plan your route.

Train: Depending on the route, the train should take just over an hour leaving from Oxford and arriving at Paddington Station. It appears some journeys can double your time taking you to 1hour 54 minutes so ensure that you choose the quicker route. Book in advance to keep the cost down.

Remember to leave time to travel from Paddington to Great Portland Street. This is a 12 minute tube ride to Regent’s Park, a 15 minute bus journey, a 3 minute taxi ride or a 30 minute walk.

Coach: Alternatively take a coach, which usually takes an hour and a half. The X90 is scheduled to depart every 10-20 minutes and leave from numerous places in Oxford including St Aldates, Speedwell Street, Gloucester Green Coach Station, High Street, Oxford Brookes University, Headington Shops, Green Road Roundabout and Thornhill Park & Ride.

The closest stop in London is the Baker Street with a 1 minute tube ride or 12 minute walk to choose from to reach your destination.

Car: Another option is to drive to London with the shortest route approximately taking 1 hour 6 minutes. Leave extra time for motorway and city traffic. Also, plan your route to avoid a stressful journey. There are a number of NCP car parks nearby yet could be pricey if parked all day.

The benefits.

In terms of how this will you help to become a model, you will be able to work with a host of professionals away from Oxford including photographers, stylists and make-up artists and really get a chance to see if you like the attention and demand of working on set.

By monitoring your experience of having your photographs taken, we will then work in unison with you to create a working portfolio that you can take to prospective clients in and around Oxford, or indeed anywhere in the world!

Building a portfolio.

Having a portfolio is paramount regardless of the line of modelling you are interested in, your age or your sex, but we also understand that everyone has different preferences when it comes to showing off their work, so we can offer you a range of folio types. The first, the most traditional and perhaps the most common is the book portfolio, which we will fill with your top ten (and air-brushed) photographs from our professional photo shoot.

The second is an online folio, also referred to as an e-folio, which is a great way of giving yourself an online presence in this ever developing technical world. Finally, we are able to create a set of Z-cards (business like cards that contain your contact details, statistics and photos) and a disk with your pictures on it in case you’re interested in getting re-prints for future work.

Return to Oxford.

As the day draws to an end our UK Models team will have helped you in every possible way to set you up for approaching agencies and employees. You should return to Oxford feeling confident, with a smart portfolio with you and a good understanding of what you need to work on personally in order to gain work as a model.

Approach agencies in Oxford and London to keep your options open. With a manageable commute, it is realistic to accept castings in the capital yet expect an earlier start and late finish due to travel. Only the truly dedicated will be able to withstand the commute once work begins to pick up. The train ride for one off jobs is perfectly fine yet if the travel becomes daily some may like to rethink their location due to expense and time.


Many Oxford models relocate to the capital to accept more opportunities and immerse themselves in London living. Without the commute model jobs can be spontaneously accepted and networking opportunities is much easier. However, it is vital to be able to provide for yourself affording rent, bills and food. Ensure that you are able to foot the cost of London living before moving to the capital.