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Glamour modelling has become quite popular.

Although there has been a significant reduction in demand for glamour models in recent years, due to the downfall of a number of Lads Magazines, it is not to say that there isn’t still work out there, the majority of which will have moved online or into promo work.

It is strictly for those aged over 18.

You must be over 18 to take part in any glamour modelling and clients and agencies should check proof of age to establish this first. Remain safe by working for a reputable company who follow the guidelines enforced to avoid dangerous situations.

What are the requirements?

Unlike other styles of modelling there are no height restrictions, although you need to have a toned and curvy figure and a lot of confidence. Remember you will be wearing very little clothing and therefore, require the self assurance to expose your toned physique.

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Would you like to become a fitness model?

As people become more concerned about body image and health, fitness models are now in demand to advertise anything from gyms, health products and foods.

A muscular, toned physique is essential to succeed as a fitness model. A dedicated model who organises an exercise routine and implements a nutritious diet will improve their chances of making it. Commitment, sheer hard work and determination are particularly required in this niche.

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Body part modelling is a legit niche.

Although body parts modelling is not the first type of modelling you would usually think of, you can still have a lucrative career by showing isolated features.

Often campaigns can benefit from using a body parts model, using you as a hand double of a celebrity or if they need a close up of a hand that would show off their product. Other body parts include legs, eyes, feet and arms to name a few.

Body part models require to take great care of their chosen feature to avoid bruises, scratches and swelling prior to a photoshoot. It is a reputable niche that takes commitment and dedication from models.

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