Newcastle Modelling

If you’ve dreamed of a career in modelling and you’re ready to swap the Tyne for the Thames, UK Models are here to assist you as you take your firsts steps into the modelling industry.

Living in the North East may feel as though London is unreachable. A distance too far to travel!

However, with the support of UK Models hope may be restored to the Newcastle aspiring models.


Why UK Models?

With ten years of experience behind us and a team of professional advisors, photographers, stylists and make-up artists working with us, we’re here to teach you the fundamentals of approaching agencies and to ultimately help you realise your full potential.

Described as the ‘UK’s leading model support service’ and having worked with thousands of new models from across the country including Newcastle, Gateshead and South Shields, here at UK Models we will work with you to establish the best possible route of breaking into the industry for you.

The process.

Once we have assessed your look, personality and skill set we will be able to advise you on the line of modelling that’s right for your attributes (whether this be as a catalogue/commercial model or something more niche such as high-end fashion or fitness) then prepare you for the world of modelling with a tailor made portfolio. This will allow you to begin approaching representatives and agencies, whether they are based at home in Newcastle or further down the country such as here in London.

How to register.


So that we can help you to become the next best model from up north, the first step involves you filling out a basic online registration. This is simple and won’t take very long to submit, we just need your contact details, your age and perhaps most importantly to see a recent photograph of yourself. A headshot is normally the best style to attach, it means we can have a clear idea of your face shape and look.

What happens next?

After submitting your registration form the process of us helping you can really begin. A talented member of our New Faces team will assess your application and if they decide that they think you have modelling potential, they will make contact with you and invite you down to our London studios. If you decide to take on our help, your visit will consist of a much more in-depth assessment.

We accept applications from child, male and female models. We do not discriminate between gender, race or age encouraging aspiring models from all over the country, which of course will include Newcastle. Male modelling is certainly a growing industry, which we are more then happy to accommodate designing a portfolio suited to each niche.

How to get to London.


Train: Endure a 2 hour 50 minute journey from Newcastle to London Kings Cross. A fairly fast route considering the distance. Book in advance to ensure that the tickets are priced reasonably as the cost will dramatically rise the longer that you leave it.

From Kings Cross jump on a 3 minute tube or take the 20 minute walk to Great Portland Street. If unsure about the tube lines make sure you ask or research before you begin your journey.

Coach: Travelling by coach takes a very long time, which may make the mode of transport unfeasible. From Newcastle Upon Tyne Coach Station to London Victoria Coach Station the time is roughly 7 hours or over.

Car: Driving is also a long journey with an estimate of a 5 hour trip. If you decide to take this route schedule breaks and be aware that potential traffic hiccups can cause delay. Leave with plenty of time. It may be wise to book accommodation for the night to complete the return journey the next day. There will be lots of options in London to choose from.

The photoshoot.

Our team of professional photographers, stylists and make-up artists will work with you to produce a set of portraits that can go on to form the basics of your working portfolio. This experience will be incredibly valuable to you, especially if you have never had an industry photo shoot opportunity. It will also allow our team to understand your skill set, confidence in front of the camera and how well you actually photograph. Together with all of that knowledge, we will then be able to pick out your strengths and weaknesses and tailor our advice to specifically benefit you.


Build a portfolio.

Upon completion of your shoot, UK Models will work with you to make the most of your trip from Newcastle. We will be able to share our experiences with you plus provide you with the all important model portfolio.

1. There are a great deal of ways we can build this for you. Firstly, in the most traditional format, as a book. It will contain ten of your best shots from the day’s photo shoot that have been fully airbrushed by a professional.

2. Secondly, these images can be uploaded onto a disk so that when you’re back in Newcastle you can get as many re-prints as you require.

3. Thirdly, because they are simply so easy to carry around and share, are the Z-cards, a business card like style that contains your photo, details and statistics.

4. Finally, you also have the option of your very own online website. This is really handy because of our world’s current obsession with easily accessible information, plus it gives you the all-important online presence. A models work showcased online is a beneficial tool to help build a successful career.

Back in Newcastle.


Once armed with our knowledge and your portfolio, you will be ready to go back to Newcastle. We will never promise to guarantee you contracts and employment.  However, we can certainly assure you that our guidance will significantly increase your chances of success.

With your professional portfolio to a high standard you will be able to contact Newcastle model agencies. If you wish to stay primarily based in Newcastle this may be an option. This will require extensive travel to other locations for jobs. Hopefully some will be offered in the city also to balance your routine.

Relocate, Relocate, Relocate.

The reality is that most Geordies will relocate to London to find success. The likelihood of securing regular work in the capital is much greater than remain up North unfortunately. If you do decide to relocate take time to make your decision. Save enough money to support yourself and fund your modelling dream. Although there are significantly more opportunities in London the industry will still demand dedication and a lot of hard work. Contacting a model agency takes persistence, determination and commitment. You may have to apply numerous times to various agencies before you are noticed.