Belfast modelling

Do you live in Northern Ireland? Belfast to be exact?

Are you considering a career in modelling but are unsure where to start?

UK Models is the perfect opportunity for you. Just keep scrolling.

What does UK Models have to offer Belfast hopefuls?

Recognised as the ‘UK’s leading model support service,’ UK Models aim to advise and guide aspiring models through the first steps of their career whether they’re based in London, Scotland or right across the Irish sea in Belfast. By following our simple online registration process, a member of our New Faces team will be able to contact and advise you on a tailored progression route that’s right for you.

Just register here for the chance to visit our London studios and take part in a professional photoshoot!


Find expert advice.

Thanks to our fourteen years of experience in the industry, UK Models have worked with thousands of men and women across Belfast, Balmoral, Dunmurry and Castlereagh to provide them with the best set of skills for when it comes to approaching an agency and starting work.

From young children right through to teenagers, adults and older adults, we aim to introduce you to the various types of modelling available (from fitness, health and beauty to high-fashion, classic, catalogue and commercial work), advise you on which will be best suited to your skill set, look and personality and then help you to create a professional, working portfolio which you can begin to introduce to agencies at home in Ireland or here in England.

Register from Ireland.

The first step for making contact with UK Models from Belfast is to fill in a simple online registration form; this will save you from jumping on a ferry and leaving Ireland! The form is a basic one that requires you to provide us with your name, contact details, age and a recent photograph of yourself. We need these details so that we can get an idea of your look and suitability for the modelling world.


The next step.

A member of our New Faces team will then assess your application. If they feel you have what it takes they will invite you to our studio to see if we can help you to become an Irish model. The assessment day will give us an insight into your modelling skill set and natural ability, not to mention give you the opportunity to experience working with a professional team. The photographers, stylists and make-up artists are included in the assessment day where you can get to grips with how a photoshoot works.

By watching and looking over your final shots, we will be able to tailor our advice to your specific needs. UK Models have worked with thousands of aspiring models and have a great understanding of what agencies in Belfast are looking for, so this will act as a valuable set of hours.

Belfast to London.

Plane: Fly to one of the London airports from Belfast, which takes just over 1 hour. The times vary slightly depending on the airport you choose to land at. Find out what train and tube you need to catch to arrive at Great Portland Street. For example, from Heathrow get a train to Paddington Underground Station and then a tube to your destination. In total, the journey should take just over 3 hours with your travel to Belfast City Airport included.


Ferry. Train: This is a much longer route that takes up to 9.5 hours to reach Great Portland Street. The journey may work out to be a little cheaper. However, plan to travel the day before and book accommodation in advance. Ensure that you rest to avoid looking tired on your photoshoot.

A chance to build a professional portfolio.

Furthering your chances of succeeding as a model upon your return to Ireland, your visit will allow us to build a professional portfolio for you. In current day modelling this is a vital component when it comes to finding work, and thankfully due to our experienced and talented team, we have all the necessary skills to make a high quality one for you.

There are a few portfolio options that you can choose from when it comes to getting your portfolio; these include a book (which will be filled with airbrushed pictures of your top ten poses) right through to an online portfolio (more commonly known as an e-folio) which is a website that is created solely for you. Other extras include a disk which will have your images uploaded onto it (allowing you to make multiple copies when you’re back in Belfast) and a set of Z-cards, the model version of a business card just more focused on imagery/statistics as well as your contact details.

Upon your return to Belfast.

Together with your chosen portfolio type and all of the experiences you will have taken from the day, UK Models will share as much vital information with you as possible to ensure that you have the best chance of succeeding as a model in Belfast. Utilise your experience at UK Models to find opportunities in Northern Ireland. Contact model agencies and attend castings to launch your career.


With professionalism and a great attitude you will succeed in the competitive fashion world. Agencies will accept bookings on your behalf where you will be photographed at a shoot or it may simply be a casting. Consider every role that arises thinking of each photoshoot or event as a promotional, networking opportunity. At times the modelling industry can be frustrating with lots of rejection seen as the norm. However, once you have modelled for a few years you will be get used to the way it works.


Some aspiring models hope to relocate to London to fulfil their dreams. All careers are unique tailored to individual. With a lot of opportunities available there is more than likely a higher chance of you securing work. However, remember the competition is fierce and the cost of living is expensive. Be prepared to work extremely hard to make your dream a reality. Be realistic and ensure that you have some savings behind you initially. Find a job to pay the rent until modelling work becomes more regular.