Edinburgh Modelling

The capital city of Scotland is a fair distance from London. We agree!

However, with UK Models help your modelling dream can become a reality sooner than you may think to make the journey totally worth it.

Take a look……..

Why choose UK Models?

Recognised for our professional advice and twelve years of industry experience, here at UK Models we have earned ourselves the title of the ‘UK’s leading model support service’ for aspiring models across the country.

Regardless of the fact that you’re interested in pursuing a career from Edinburgh, thanks to our online registration and professional approach to advising fresh faces, UK Models are here to help you break into the industry.

What do UK Models do?

By working with you to understand your goals, personality, look and skill set, UK Models will be able to inform you of the work available and then prepare you in the best possible way to approach a model agency or brand. The area that you live in is not an issue as we deal with a wide range of models from all over the nation. Whether you live in Morningside, Livingston, Falkirk or down here in London’s city centre it is totally plausible.


Choosing your niche.

We will explain the various modelling opportunities available, from classic, high-end fashion, beauty and fitness modelling through to commercial, catalogue and real-life work, and then advise you on which we think are best suited for you. Regardless of your age, ethnicity or sex, having worked with thousands of other aspiring models, we have developed a skill set as a brand that helps men, women and children reach their full potential.

Register from Edinburgh.

To save you heading to Edinburgh airport and jumping on the first plane to Heathrow, the first steps of getting in touch with us are really easy. We request that you simply log on to our website and fill in our short registration form.

By submitting your contact details and providing us with a recent photograph of yourself, preferably a head shot, a member of our experienced New Faces team will be able to start assessing your modelling potential right away.

This process will not take too long, and if we think you have the talent to start acting on your modelling dreams, we will contact you and invite you to come and visit us for a day.


The successful candidates.

Whilst down in London we will ask you to take part in one of our assessment days; this is a really exciting opportunity for you that allows you to work with a professional team of photographers, stylists and make-up artists on set. At the end of the day you will have a series of your very own airbrushed photographs to use in your portfolio and a better understanding of the requirements from a working model.

As for us, we will have been able to monitor your confidence and ability in front of the camera, gain a greater awareness of your style and thus the potential market, and then be able to tailor our advice to give you the best chance of becoming a model.

How do I get to London?


Train: The quickest train is to King’s Cross Station, which takes 4 hours 21 minutes. The good news is that it is a direct route and leaves hourly from Edinburgh. Easily hop on a 3-minute tube from King’s Cross St. Pancras or take a 20-minute walk to arrive at Great Portland Street.   

Car: The drive is lengthy and may be unmanageable for most. A 6-hour 46-minute car journey will demand a lot of rest stops and an alert driver. If you do choose this route, schedule service station stops and travel a day ahead to avoid an extremely early start and an exhausting day. Book accommodation and rest to avoid tired looking shots.

Plane: Fly to your destination choosing from one of London’s airports. The flight is relatively quick in comparison to other modes of transport taking a little over an hour. Each airport varies slightly. Factor in a plan to travel by train to Great Portland Street calculating your total journey as 3.5 hours.

Create a model portfolio.

Second to that, it is imperative to our work to provide you with a professional modelling portfolio. You may or may not be aware how much of a vital component this will become in your career, but when you return to Edinburgh and start looking for work, this will soon become clear. We appreciate at UK Models that everyone has different needs when it comes to selling themselves to agencies and brands. Thus we are now able to provide a variety of portfolio options to you.

Although this will be explained in greater detail on your visit, we can create a book portfolio for you, your own personal website, a set of Z-cards (a business card that contains your details, a small selection of photos and your statistics) or simply provide you with a disk of your images that you can then go on to print out and display in whichever way you like.

You can take great comfort in the fact that your portfolio will be of the highest standard and contain your top ten best images that will have been professionally airbrushed for that appropriate industry look.

Advice for your return to Edinburgh.

Once armed with your book and your photo shoot experience, we will talk you through all of the industry secrets in an honest and adult way to ensure that you feel fully prepared to start looking for work upon your arrival back home in Edinburgh. At the end of the day, UK Models are here to support you in taking your first steps into the competitive world of modelling, and we will do everything in our power to help get you there.

Moving to London.


Relocation is a strong possibility with an impossible daily commute to London. If work is easy to come by in Edinburgh then moving to the capital of England will not be necessary. Yet if you find more work in London make sure you have enough money before you schedule the big move. Be realistic and understand that you may have to secure other types of work before the modelling roles are available. Find flexible jobs that allows for you to attend castings and auditions to fulfil your dream.

Approaching agencies with your portfolio is the next step. The agent will act as a modelling manager setting up the castings and appointments on your behalf. Their network of brands is the perfect start in creating a new modelling contact each time you attend a casting. A new face in the industry will require an agency to help them get noticed and begin their career.