How to Create Professional Modelling Websites

  • Amy Bebbington

Modelling websites are beneficial to a career in the industry as it is the perfect way to expand your reach and secure new opportunities. Experts who cast for Vogue, Chanel or Elle Magazine may look at your website when scouting for models. It is important to keep this in mind when setting up your online presence. When creating and designing your online portfolio it is important to include the necessary information for the platform to be useful, relevant and informative in a professional way. Absorb the following pointers to create a website that stands out against rivals and is tailored to you.

Professional Images

It is vital that the shots used to upload to the website must be taken by a professional photographer to ensure that you do not appear amateur or inexperienced. Your online presence may be your first meeting or contact with a client and therefore, needs to impress. Upload a selection that in your eyes are your best work as well as a diverse range to show your capabilities. Try not to repeat yourself as the viewer will become bored of the same photoshoot or pose. Post eye catching, striking photos that will demand attention from the viewer and witness your talent as a model.



Your model website must include your contact details (phone number or email) plus your measurements including your height, weight, clothing and shoe size. It may be worthwhile to mention your social media accounts too if you feel you have represented yourself well on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account. Ensure that this information is in a key place for clients to find as if it takes a long time to locate the browser may give up resulting in a potential loss of work. It is important to include your statistics as an employer can immediately assess if you are correct for their niche of modelling and therefore, avoid wasting time. Ensure that you are truthful when stating your measurements as if hired you will be found out if the measurements are wrong.


The format that you decide to use is significant for your modelling website as the layout can either enhance or disrupt your content. Avoid using a fussy and overcomplicated design that distracts from your photos and information as this could potentially push experts away. A simple, clean yet creative layout is much preferred and seen as professional by the industry. A neat arrangement and easy way to peruse your images is desired by experts internationally. It may be worthwhile to hire a professional website designer to help create your online portfolio if you have the funds to do so. Their knowledge and expertise will ensure that your website is slick and chic rather than messy and amateur.


Up to date

Modelling websites are an on going process that need constant attention. The industry is constantly evolving and moving forward and therefore, it is important that as a professional model you move along at the same speed. Upload new images as soon as you receive them to show clients that you are popular and experienced in the industry. Remove old photographs that are no longer relevant or reflect your current look as images can easily look old fashioned if 10 years old. Remember to alter your mobile phone number or email address if this changes as you may miss a fantastic opportunity if you forget to do so.

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