How To Create A Professional Portfolio

  • Amy Bebbington

Do you have a professional portfolio to showcase your talent or experience? 

Answer No:

It is time to build a portfolio that showcases your abilities. Arriving at a casting unarmed and unable to present examples of work may hinder your progress. An online or printed portfolio is the perfect opportunity to showcase your potential to industry experts who are seeking models for their next project.

Answer Yes:

Excellent! When did you create your portfolio?

Answer Recently:

Perfect, your portfolio will be up to date to attend castings and agency meetings yet ensure that the content is relevant to each specific role. How?? Simply edit your evidence of work by removing images that do not relate to the job that you are attending.

For example: If you are applying to become an underwear model reflect your suitability in your portfolio.

Answer: A long time ago –

 It is definitely time to update the images that you are opting to use. Remember the fashion industry is constantly evolving and the modelling industry monitors their movements closely. Hire a professional service or photographer to capture your images to avoid amateur shots that will hinder your career.  Never use selfie shots!!!!

Is your portfolio online? 

Answer Yes: 

Amazing! As a contemporary model the Internet is a vital resource that can help    secure jobs with very little effort. The online portfolio can be viewed by clients at any time especially when sent a link! Hint. Hint……… It is easy to update, alter and change with a click of the button and at minimal cost.

Answer No:

It is worthwhile creating an online portfolio as the benefits are huge. There are many services and websites designed to support and guide models to set up an e-folio and therefore, a little research will help with your implementation of this. A printed portfolio is still useful as when wifi is down or there is no computer available a back up of images is at reach.

Do you have your statistics and contact details in a prominent place?  

Answer Yes:

Brilliant! Clients will look to check if your details are available and may become irritated if difficult to locate. Therefore, a section at the front in a readable font is desirable.

Answer No:

Ensure that you include your contact details (email address or phone number) and statistics (height, dress size, bust size etc). Do not over exaggerate as the truth will be revealed when you meet in person. Check that you have written the correct contact details as a missing digit or letter could affect your success.

Does the layout compliment the desired niche?

Answer I think so:

Great! The layout should reflect your style as a model. Most likely, the arrangement should be slick, professional and uncluttered. Do not over fill the page as the phrase ‘quality over quantity’ is very true in this instance. Pick the images that represent you the most and use these in a minimal arrangement.

Answer I don’t think so:

Start again from scratch if you are worried the pages have become too cluttered. Play around with different versions to truly find out what works.

Good luck creating, altering or experimenting with your modelling portfolio. 



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