How to Build a Model Social Media Profile

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Scrolling aimlessly through smartphones has become a necessity with just about everyone checking their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts for likes and followers. The first thing in the morning and last thing at night with countless times in between phones are checked without fail. The modelling industry has responded to the social media obsession with models curating accounts and agents scouring profiles for talent. Find out everything you need to know about creating a model social media profile.

Setting up a Profile

It is essential for aspiring models to have a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and especially Instagram. The latter has grown substantially in popularity with many securing work due to their following. Known as Insta-models, the new generation of talent have thousands – if not millions – of followers by posting their day-to-day life as a model.

It is easy to set up accounts for any of the platforms by simply entering your details and adding a profile picture. Most models do have just the one professional account to avoid confusion. If you do have a personal profile it would be worthwhile to delete any inappropriate imagery and continue as a model account.


What to Post

Use these resources as the opportunity to have your own voice. Post images that showcase modelling roles such as photoshoots and walking the runway, backstage shots, vacations and socialising with friends. Although, the industry is fairly relaxed when it comes to having a glass of champagne and taking selfies at a party, refrain from going overboard and do not post ones where you are intoxicated. Think about brands and clients before you hit the upload button. A fun, outgoing, sociable character is approved of whereas an over indulgent, continuously drunk personality will be frowned upon.

Consider how your profile is presented as you scroll down especially on your Insta-gird. Those little squares when organised carefully can make a fantastic first impression. Think about what the profile says about you and how a potential client will view it on first glance. It needs to be creative and fun with each image complimenting the other.


Online Portfolio

To begin with it is a free tool to promote yourself and expand your reach online. It is the perfect opportunity to use Instagram as an online portfolio so ensure that the best photos are uploaded to the account. Unfortunately, algorithms are constantly changed meaning less people that follow you actually see your images in their news feed forcing many to opt for paid/sponsored ads. If you do go down this route make sure the image chosen represents your brand and what you are trying to achieve. Paid ads expand your reach guaranteeing that more people see your images resulting in more followers and likes.

If you wish to use social media sites to your advantage, a marketing strategy is worthwhile looking into. Many will hire an expert to help them in creating content and knowing when to post. It is their job to be clued up on all aspects of the industry including maintainig your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. Look for a media company that you trust and has your best interests at heart.


Managing Your Social Media Profile

Posting good quality content is only the first step, unfortunately high quality imagery alone is not enough. To ensure that users see your profile, networking is essential. Commenting, following and liking others posts regularly is crucial to your success. This builds your awareness on the platform as people will view your profile when you like or comment on their post. Researching popular hashtags on Instagram is another way to increase your followers. Use hashtags relevant to your post and when people search for this phrase or word your photo will be shown.

For example: If you are posting a picture of a photoshoot hashtags may include – #model #models #modelling #fashionmodel #instamodel #photoshoot #fashionphotoshoot #instafashion #instastyle #fashion #style

Always remember to tag other parties involved whether this be a photographer, brand or designer. It is a great way to connect with people. Hopefully they will show the same courtesy when posting, promoting your handle to their followers. It is a win win situation.

Insta-stories and live posts are a great way of boosting your profile. Showing snapshots of your day-to-day life via photos and videos will bring awareness and more followers as your profile picture will be lit up to signify you have new content. Post appropriate images or videos here as often as possible. Some models even write blog posts to share their lifestyle even further.


Ignore Random Messages

 In a world of social media and the Internet it is important that you stay safe at all times. Scam artists can easily lurk behind the comfort of the screen pretending to be something they’re not. Sending private messages to young hopefuls who are desperate to become a model happens far too often. Naïve, innocent teens may believe their spiel however, it is important that you wise up to any foul play that could lead to dangerous situations.

Agents rarely send messages to models via social media. The odd model has found success via a comment from an agent on Instagram. However, a further investigation is advised before going ahead. If an individual asks for you to send any nude or topless pictures ignore immediately – the same goes for Skype. If an individual claims to be part of an organisation, simply ring the company to check. Do not go to a meeting alone based off a private message as it is more than likely to be untoward. Always check thoroughly any contact made via social media. Agents are inundated with hopefuls contacting them to have time to search profiles.


Famous Insta-Models

The likes of Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid have built their empire on social media. Their following has reached millions due to their high profile jobs and dedication to their accounts. Brands look to models that have a huge fan base that will benefit their sales when they post to their profile. The models front their campaigns becoming an ambassador for the brand. Fans love to gain an insight into the models lifestyle to see what photoshoots they’ve worked on before they are released, who they’re friends with, what parties/events they attend and where they travel too. Their fascination with their favourite models is enhanced by knowing even more about the celebs through social media. However, do remember this is an edited version of their real life.

Final Note

Social media is the way forward in this digital age. If you wish to become a successful model it is so important to utilise this tool to your advantage. Work hard to build a large following that will boost a career that you are proud of. Be an active user and look to social networking sites to expand your reach that bit further.

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