Why Every Model Needs a Model Website

  • Amy Bebbington

With everyone addicted to their phones, constantly scrolling through social media posts or searching online, the modelling industry has reacted.

Models, photographers, agencies and magazines all have a strong online presence to sell their services.

Therefore, if you are an aspiring model it’s time you got to grips with the internet. Fast.

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Why Do You Need a Website

The Design of Your Online Portfolio

Hire a Professional

How to Find Inspiration

What Should Your Website Include

The Benefits

Always Stay Safe Online

Why Do You Need a Website

With the majority of people connected to the digital world, a model website is the perfect way to showcase your potential to a large audience. Clients, industry experts and employers can view your modelling site to see if you are the right fit.

Through your portfolio website you can land modelling jobs. It is easy to promote yourself yet you have to get it just right.


The Design of Your Online Portfolio

As with everything in the modelling world looks matter. It is important to spend time and money to ensure that your website looks professional to impress the right people.

High quality images and a clean, neat layout with all the correct information is essential. Imagine losing out to a role due to a typing error. All it takes is a missing digit.

Spend time thinking how you would like for your website to look and does it aim to the correct niche. A commercial model will be looking to design a very different online platform to a high fashion creative.

Hire a Professional

If domain names and web hosting confuse you, you’re best seeking advice from a professional. Those who are trained to create and design websites are likely to spend less time and mistakes.

Make sure that you hire the right person who understands how you would like for your website to look. Also, ensure that they offer training so that you can update at any time.

If you would prefer to save money, there are many sites that allow for you to easily build a website for free or much less. However, ensure that you find computers easy to work.

How to Find Inspiration

If you are struggling for design ideas, take a look at other model websites to find elements that you like. Don’t directly copy but by doing your research you will find features that could work for you.

It’s a great starting point and you will certainly be inspired by some of the top models out there. But make sure you stand out from the crowd.


What Should Your Website Include

Make sure that your online portfolio includes all the information that a client needs. Discover the basic essentials to a successful website.

Professional High Quality Imagery

If you’re new to the modelling industry, simply organise a photoshoot. Make sure to hire a photographer, makeup and hair stylist to guarantee professionalism.

A Contact Page

Include your name, email address and phone number so that you can be contacted easily.


Make sure to include your measurements so that a model agency or future employers can easily take note of this information. Include your statistics in an obvious place.

Social Media Platforms

Links to your social media profile is key. Ensure that you are on every platform possible and update regularly. Find out how to build a profile here.

An About Section

This could be a simple few sentences on the home page or a more detailed description on a separate page. Which ever you decide, make sure your writing is concise, straight to the point and informative.

Other Projects

Include all projects that you have been working on to show your versatility and experience in a range of industries. You never know who’s looking at your website.

Subscription to your Newsletter

People easy forget. Remind them of your talents and inform them of your news in their inbox. Don’t annoy by sending too many though.


The Benefits

There are many advantages of having a portfolio website over a printed version. Why? Take a look.

Easy to Update

As your career progresses, you can add or remove images and change text very easily.

Promote via Social Media

Especially Instagram. Make people aware of your model website via your social network. Always include a link so that people can view it easily.

Easy to Access

Can be sent via a link and can be opened literally anywhere. Whether this is in their office, at home or on the train.

Printed Portfolios Are Heavy

Especially for long durations. They’re also easy to forget whereas an online format can be accessed literally anywhere especially in those spontaneous moments where your in the right place at the right time.

Make Use of the Link

The link can be added to your Z-Cards, which can be handed out at networking events and opportunities. It is an excellent way of landing modelling jobs.

Always Stay Safe Online

So far, so good! You’ve created your own website that will be impressed by London modelling agencies, clients, fashion editors and employers looking for new faces in this cut-throat industry. But it doesn’t stop there.

Putting yourself out on the internet in this way will attract scam artists and predators. It is up to you to be cautious and not fall prey to their advances.

Always check out a potential opportunity by doing thorough research. A simple Google search is not enough. Take time to investigate to really see if they are legit. Usually a simple phone call can sort out the problem. Scam artists posing as large companies can be exposed by ringing the actual organisation who can provide an honest answer.

We’ve covered how to stay safe working online here.

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