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Can You Make a Full Time Living from Modelling?

  • Freya Hill

It’s a common question and one that generally depends on your whole attitude to modelling. If you work exceptionally hard and you’re a determined, driven person, teamed with a great look and personality you have the fundamental skills in place for full time modelling. That said, you need all of those attributes and plenty of energy to make a success of your career. It’s a dog eat dog industry and models are not handed work on a plate, it’s for that reason that many men and women cannot make a full time living from their job.

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The major obstacles are modelling potential, commitment and age. Let’s take a closer look.

Do You Have Model Potential?

Modelling potential refers to a model’s look and character. Without the right look, a model will not be hired for jobs, so ultimately, that is a deal breaker. (UK Models are able to offer non-biased advice as to whether you’re right for the industry or not, and if you are, which areas. You can access this service by sending us a headshot via our website, for free.) Your personality is equally as important so make sure you let it shine at castings; people want to work with models that are unique and have a really eye-catching presence on camera.

Commitment Is Key

Commitment refers to the determined, hard-working attitude that a model needs. The first few months, even years of a model’s career are extremely energy absorbing and bound to hold a few knock backs. Models are often expected to work for free to build up their portfolio and their first pay packets will be incredibly modest. In order to reach the peeks of your career you need to stay focused on your dream and battle through the rough times.


Age Plays a Huge Factor

Age is a final point to consider. Child models are bound by law to work less than adult models so unless they become a model sensation over night it would be unfair as a parent to rely/expect to rely on their earnings as a full time income. It’s just very unrealistic. Many child models work for a very, very small amount. Most parents put this money into a savings account for their child to enjoy when they are older. Adult models or models over the age of eighteen years are the ones likely to earn the most.

In conclusion, if you don’t have the look, personality and determination to work as a model, you are unlikely to earn a full time living from your role.


How Do Models Earn A Full Time Wage?

You’re probably asking, ‘How do models earn a full time wage?’ This depends on the type of modelling they engage in. Although many people recognise high-fashion models as the high earners, it’s not always true. Advertising/commercial models are offered longer contracts that generally provide regular work. World-famous names such as David Gandy and Kate Moss earn a lot of money. However, these are not your stereotypical models. Yes, there’s no denying that we’ve all heard of them but they’re an exception to the rule. Still, there’s no harm in using them as your role model!

If you want to work as a model and actually survive on the money you earn from it, commercial, advertising and real-life modelling are much easier sectors to break into. Glamour, fitness and body parts are specialist but more reliable styles than high-fashion.

It goes without saying that many models will not rely on modelling for their whole lifetime. Many, male or female models, will have a secondary source of income. However, if you treat your body with the respect it deserves and give your career an equal amount of energy and time, you are bound to reap the rewards.

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Posted by Freya Hill

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