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Success for Ginger Haired Models

  • Freya Hill

Ginger! We’ve all heard the word thrown around the playground, written on Twitter, mentioned on the TV, and for a while it was made out to be a horribly bad trait to have associated with you. Maybe Geri and her Union Jack dress had something to do with it, or Chuckie from the Rugrats? Red-hair and freckles? The answer was too often ‘No thanks!’

That was then. Today though, things could not be more different. Our industry’s obsessed by the pale faced, fiery haired combo and, thanks to the much needed change of heart, models sporting such looks are gracing every product, magazine and lookbook around.

Top 9 Famous Redheaded Models

  • Alexina Graham
  • Francois Verkerk
  • Kiki Willems
  • Julia Hafstrom
  • Rianne Van Rompaey
  • Julia Bergshoeff
  • Bruna Dapper
  • Alice First
  • Sophia Friesen


Ginger Haired Models Are Most Definitely In

If you’re finding it hard to believe that a huge proportion of agencies are a fan of the strawberry blonde look, we’ve done our research to prove just how popular the style is, which is especially exciting when you bear in mind that only two percent of the population are ginger.

When you take a look at the industry, there are hundreds of stunning male and female models rocking red hair down the runway, across photo studios and inside the pages of our favourite high fashion magazines. We have Tilda Swinton, Angelica Bridges, Jake Shortall, Heather Carolin and Karen Elson to start. If that isn’t evidence in itself, we don’t know what is!

What Do Model Agencies See in Red Heads?

So, why do agencies love the ginger haired look? And why didn’t they follow the old school opinions that were both nasty and ignorant? Firstly, when it comes to commercial and catalogue modelling, a red headed model is absolutely unmissable, especially if the model’s hair has got a really striking red/orange tone to it.

Think about it, if you flip through pages and pages of photos, you’re bound to notice the bright redhead staring back at you before the brunettes and blondes overleaf. And you know what that means for a brand. If their products are modelled by a man or woman who can instantly attract attention, they’re much more likely to get noticed, and that means a higher level of sales!


As for editorial work, photographers love shooting men and women who have a distinct set of features and a conversation-starting appearance. When you bear in mind the beautiful shade of hair that a red headed model boasts, it causes us to ask, ‘Is there another breed of human on the planet that looks as striking as this?’

Over the last ten years we’ve noticed a huge increase of red headed models in the industry, from catwalk queens Lily Cole and Cintia Dicker to commercial models Vasilisa and Caroline Royce. The same can be said for the male models of the commercial world; Will Grant, Tom Larkin and Oliver Dale all included. Each one of these talents are distinctly different in appearance but all share the same striking, red headed, freckle skinned face.

Famous Models with Red Hair

As we’ve already pointed out how the fashion industry loves a natural redhead and we’ve already mentioned a few famous faces. Italian Vogue adored Lily Cole’s rebellious red tresses, Sports Illustrated featured Cintia Dicker in their swimsuit issue and Maggie Rizer in fact opted to dye her hair red to stand out amongst the sea of brunettes and blondes. Top designer brands use redhead models in their shows and campaigns. Tom Ford and Yves Saint Laurent are just a few who champion ginger hair. Well known actresses such as Christina Hendricks, Emma Stone and Julianne Moore take pride in their flaming red locks – and so they should. Whilst we’re at it lets take a look at a few more inspiring redheads.

Alexina Graham

The new generation of red haired models are making a name for themselves with Alexina Graham becoming the first natural redhead to walk in the Victoria’s Secret show since Karen Elson 2001. She hopes to create an opening for more redheads to walk in the iconic show and become the face of fashion. Alexina also features in the Balmain L’Oreal campaign.

Francois Verkerk

He’s the most hipster redheaded model we’ve seen with his quirky moustache. His ginger tresses landed him roles with top designers in the fashion industry. Yohji Yamamoto and Lanvin both fell for his charms.

Kiki Willems

This flame-haired model is making a name for herself in the industry since her modelling debut when she opened the Saint Laurent’s spring/summer 15 show. Working with the likes of Dior, Givenchy and Louis Vuitton she is in demand. Her favourites have to be her first show (mentioned above), opening Marc Jacobs, her Vogue Italia cover and the Prada campaign shot by Steven Meisel.

Julia Hafstrom

The beautiful Swedish model’s auburn look has impressed the fashion experts. Fronting the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle Magazine, the redhead sure made a name for herself in the editorial world as well as the runway. Just last year she walked for Jason Wu and Prabal Gurung for New York Fashion Week. With Dior on her model CV, Julia Hafstrom is cuasing a stir in the industry

Embrace Your Natural Beauty


If you’re a ginger haired ambassador looking to break into the industry, embrace your natural beauty and make now the time to realise your career dreams, especially whilst we’re witnessing such open-minded evolution from the industry. Being a redhead is a unique, beautiful thing that should be celebrated. The fashion industry loves your flame haired tresses that make you stand out against an army of blondes and brunettes. If you’re not entirely sure whether you have the right look, don’t worry, you can contact UK Models via the website and online application form and we’ll be able to provide you with helpful and honest advice.

As a model support service that has – and continues to work with – thousands of aspiring new faces, we are thrilled to see the success of the red headed model despite the unconventional and untraditional appearance it carries with it. It’s for that reason that we can’t wait to work with even more of you who are proud of your fiery genes!

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