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3 Ways to Tell Your Parents About Your Model Dream

  • Amy Bebbington

Is you dream to be a model hindered by not having the courage to reveal your career path to your parents? Do you think your mum or dad will react negatively to the revelation out of concern and worry? It is a daunting prospect to open up to your parents at such a young age especially if they are particularly strict and wish for you to fulfil an academic route. However, you must tell your parents about your dream of entering the industry as you may be pleasantly surprised.

With your parents consent, register with us today to show your mum and dad that you are serious about your model dream. It is the perfect taster into the modelling industry.

Read our 3 tops tips of how to approach the subject with your parents!


Be Calm

Choose a time of day or week where your parents are relaxed and available to discuss the topic further. A weekend or evening sat around the table for a meal may be a good time to share your career idea. They will not be in a rush to get out the door and will have enough time to talk to you properly. Approach the subject calmly and with maturity to show that you are serious about modelling. This way they will see that you have thought it through. If they are resistant at first do not make matters worse by having a full blown tantrum or argument. This will only show your parents that you are not ready. Allow time for your parents to think about it. Reiterate that modelling is a career path you would like to try with their support.


Ask Politely

Ask if modelling is something that they would consider and help you with. This will make them feel included in the decision and allow time for research. Do not demand that you are entering the modelling industry. This will bring your parents defences up causing a negative reaction. Gently ask if they will support you with your dream and will they guide you towards the correct avenues. A friendly and kind approach will allow them to respect your decision and consider it thoughtfully and properly. It will make them feel less worried for your safety as they are included in each decision.


Work Hard at School

Reassure that you will continue to work really hard at your school work and will not let your modelling roles affect your grades. Make it clear that you know that taking up child modelling will be demanding yet you are passionate enough to make it work with their help too. If you do embark on a modelling career it will take up a lot of your time. Make sure that your parents are aware of this when you share your idea. Education is very important as it gives more options later in life. So ensure that your mum or dad understand that you are planning on finishing your studies without becoming distracted by modelling.

Have you recently asked your parents for support with your child modelling career? How did they react? If you have any positive comments to share on the topic please comment below. Your experience will help others who are concerned with how their parents will react.

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