5 Ways to Decide If Your Child Is Model Material

  • Amy Bebbington

Are you considering signing your child up for modelling but are unsure where to begin? Many parents perceive their son or daughter as beautiful and model material – and rightly so – yet it is important to assess their personality and character to determine whether they are suitable for modelling. The industry of course, requires cute, adorable children yet a certain nature is also expected from professionals who scout talent. We receive a lot of questions from parents and grandparents asking if their child has what it takes or how to get their 5 year old into modelling, so here it is a go to guideline for parents.


Is Your Child Independent?

Even from a young age your child will need to have a certain level of independence from their parents. Of course, you will be present for support and guidance yet the parent can not be in the image. Therefore, children need to be able to be alone looking happy in the winning shot. A clingy child will not be able to cope with this demand as they will require the presence of their mum and dad very close by. This is not a bad trait yet your son or daughter will not be suitable for modelling.

Do They like Meeting New People?

As you can imagine there are a lot of people present at a photoshoot with various roles available. Sociable infants will cope well in this situation unfazed by the new individuals that they have not met before. However, children who become very shy or upset in the presence of new people will find it difficult to perform on the day. Teenagers also can feel intimidated in this situation so it is worthwhile warning them prior to the day to gauge a reaction.


Is Your Child Confident?

Children of all ages need a sense of confidence and self assurance to succeed in the industry. It is a daunting task to pose for the camera or walk in a fashion show and therefore, many need a high self esteem at a young age to do so. Even toddlers need a feisty, determined character to not be overly alarmed by the cameras. It takes a mature, confident attitude, which many kids do naturally possess.

Do They Want to Become a Model?

It is important to ensure that your child actually wants to pursue modelling at a young age. It is unfair to force them to enter the industry before they are ready. Of course, babies and toddlers can not speak for themselves. Gauge their reaction to find out if they are enjoying the process. Older children can be asked and given an introduction to modelling. They are knowledgable of the task being asked of them. Never force a child into a career path not suited to them or live your personal dream through them.


Sign to an Agency

Okay, so if your child meets all the above criteria it is time to look for an agency that specialises in child modelling. Do your research and locate organisations that are suitable for children and has the correct contacts to launch their career legitimately. Ask as many questions as possible to feel comfortable and gain an understanding of how the agency and industry runs. A trustworthy establishment will always need the parents consent for a child to be signed at the agency.

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