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Can I Model If I Have Stretch Marks and Scars?

  • Freya Hill

This is the third most popular question asked on the Internet by aspiring models. And great news for any of you who have typed in ‘Can I model if I have stretch marks/scars?’ because the answer is yes!

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What Are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks, according to the NHS condition page, are ‘narrow streaks or lines that develop on the surface of the skin’. Body areas most commonly affected are the tummy, bum and thighs and are a result of rapid weight gain or a growth spurt during puberty. If you’re not sure what a stretch mark looks like, it’s normally darker in colour than the rest of your skin and has a slightly broken, squiggly formation to it. The older your stretch marks become, the more they will fade and lighten in colour. This means there are various degrees of stretch marks (we have pictured lesser types).

As for scars, we all know how they can vary in size, shape and colour and you probably know far more about how yours developed than we ever will! Acne is a common condition in teens that does cause scars.


They Are Very Common

Before we get into the ins and outs of modelling with stretch marks and scars, we’d like to point out that these are very human bodily features and almost all of us have at least one! Some people develop lots of stretch marks after a growth spurt, many women have a covering on their tummy post pregnancy, teens struggle with spots and honestly, who hasn’t got scratched and scarred knees from their childhood? Please don’t be ashamed of your skin’s appearance, it’s what makes you who you are! We’re sure Seal, Catherine Zeta Jones, Harrison Ford and Kaley Cuoco (Penny in Big Bang Theory) would agree.

Stretch Marks Will Not Affect Your Modelling Career

As our introduction explained, stretch marks are unlikely to affect your modelling career because they are commonly found in areas hidden by clothes. Unless you are doing glamour, fitness or fashion work that involves modelling in bikinis or underwear, the only time people might catch a glimpse of your stretch marks is when you’re getting changed.


Here’s Why!

However, if your modelling work does involve wearing a little less, don’t worry. Thanks to developments in the industry there are a number of ways stretch marks/scars can be disguised:

  1.     Before your photos are taken, a make-up artist may chose to apply specialist products to even out areas of stretch marks and scars.
  2.     Spray tans are particularly great at disguising skin blemishes (but check with your agent/client before getting one, if your client needs a pale model your tan could prove detrimental).
  3.     Post-photoshoot, computer technology such as airbrushing can be used to digitally remove stretch marks and scars from your pictures. Be prepared for this to happen even if you haven’t been asked about it, many brands automatically do it. If you are interested in seeing such results or you’re keen to have a portfolio made for yourself that includes pictures of you ‘without’ scars/stretch marks, we are able to do this for you at UK Models. Pop online and fill out a short application form if you want to discuss this more.


Be Confident of Your Appearance

As you can see, you can still be a model and there’s absolutely no reason for you to go under the knife to change them!

For aspiring models with severe scaring, we encourage you not to let go of your dreams either. Of course it depends on whom you talk to and what an agency looks for in a model but there are agencies out there that support real life models and would be honoured to have you on their books. Check out Katie Piper and her empowering career for inspiration but at the same time, just like any other model, be prepared for rejection too.

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Posted by Freya Hill

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