Zumba Your Way Into Modelling

  • Claire Louise

I recently started taking Zumba classes at my local health club. I took the whole thing ridiculously seriously, asking everyone on Twitter beforehand whether or not they thought that it was a good idea, whether I’d fit in as a beginner, and whether or not you had to be amazing at dancing. The general consensus was that I should go, have a great time, and not care what anyone else thinks.

New To Zumba?

I’ve mentioned before that fitness is super new to me. It’s always kind of bored me, if I’m honest. However, I’m not getting any younger, and so being fit and healthy is becoming quite important. I’ll say one thing right from the start about Zumba – it’s like that miracle you’ve always hoped for. Essentially, it’s the elusive workout which doesn’t feel like you’re actually working out at all! *THIS EXISTS, I SWEAR*

Let me explain. Zumba is really intense and you’ll feel that you’re working really hard. However, because it’s essentially like basic dance routines to fun music, you won’t notice that it’s for the purpose of getting fit or whatever, you’ll just notice that you’re enjoying yourself. Yessss!


What Do You Actually Do At Zumba?

I’ve been to Zumba with a few different instructors now, and even tried it at my friend’s gym when I went to visit her in Florida. It’s all basically the same!

The music is a mixture between what you might hear at Nando’s (it’s like upbeat salsa stuff), and then there are pop hits and dance classics thrown into the mix, too.

The actual moves are relatively easy, although on day one, you’ll probably be confused and may even want to walk out! I was especially worried because when I used to dance in musical theatre or cheerleading, I found that I wasn’t especially quick at picking things up, and I needed things to be taught to me before I could process them properly. At Zumba, I rarely struggle because it’s more about repeating movements to the music than elaborate routines. However, when I do struggle, nobody laughs, and there are people in the same boat. With practice, I get it right next time.

However, there’s no right or wrong really. You can modify the workout to suit your abilities. For example, sometimes the moves might involve jumping or kicking really high. I’ve seen old ladies give this their best shot, so you can just do whatever you feel comfortable with.

Some moves are hard, others are easy. Some instructors are better than others as well… I personally LOVE Anthony at my gym, because he’s as fun as the class itself.

I usually go on my own, and plenty of other people do too. However, you can also go with friends to add an extra dynamic.


What Do You Need To Bring?

Just bring water, a swear towel (yep, gross, but necessary), and a good attitude. You’ll have a good time, and you might even get a good giggle!

Will You Lose Weight?

Honestly? YES! The great bonus of Zumba is that it’s a lot less monotonous than hours at the gym, but it’s still a really great workout. I only wanted to lose a few pounds, and got there in a matter of weeks. I’m really hooked, and it’s a social activity for me now as well. You might not be able to be a model JUST because of Zumba, but you can tone up your body and get healthier all at the same time.

Have you tried Zumba? Do you find it beneficial? How about addictive?

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