Will Your Hairstyle Affect Your Model Career?

  • Amy Bebbington

Are you considering a visit to the hairdressers for a complete new style yet are worried the move may hinder your modelling career?

Would you love to have a short crop, a bright pink dye or a shaved undercut but are afraid to affect your chances?

The fashion industry is constantly evolving and accepting a diverse range of models yet it is important to consider all your options before going ahead with that drastic hair cut as a lot of factors need to be thought out carefully. We’ve got you covered. Read our top tips and find out what hairstyles are accepted in the modelling world. 

Niche Requirements

Your hairstyle ultimately depends on the sector of the industry that you are striving to work in. Catalogue and commercial niches require simple, plain locks that can be styled minimally for a natural look. Think long blonde or brunette straight hair.

However, high fashion may accept a quirkier style if your appearance fits into the vision of the designer hiring the models yet do remember it is not guaranteed. Alternative modelling will be more lenient with artistic hair but again it is essentially the decision of the brand if the crop suits the visual aesthetic of the photoshoot or catwalk show.

Will an Agency Sign You? 

The decision all depends on the opinion of the agent and their outlook/involvement in the industry. If your latest cut is in keeping with the latest hair trends from the fashion world then you may just be in look. The short haircut you’re rocking may be just what they’re looking for. The high fashion industry is very daring yet hair crazes are constantly changing so don’t commit to anything to risky for the sake of a couple of weeks. You might regret it!  

The modelling world is witnessing an increase of alternative agencies populating the field with more unique looks securing opportunities to shape the diverse fashion arena. However, if you are signed to a more conventional establishment it may be wise to avoid such individual haircuts as it may result in a lack of work.

Seek Advice From Professionals

If unsure the best way to find out if a specific hair color or cut will hinder your career is to ask the agency, client or employer before proceeding. Those who wish to collaborate with you will answer truthfully and honestly if the peroxide blonde hair look will work in their favour or not. Yet if the client prefers versatile and flexibility your dream of a bold hair colour may be off the cards but at least you asked. The worst scenario would be to go ahead without checking first as it may be expensive or take a while to reverse loosing the opportunity.

Use Temporary Solutions

To fulfil your desire of change there are temporary solutions that you can undertake and hair products you can purchase that will not affect your modelling dream. A colourful wig or a non permanent dye may be an alternative solution as you can temporarily transform your natural hair without risking your job. Experimenting with different styles and looks is fun yet can be changed multiple times and back to your natural hairstyle when necessary.

Be Certain

If you are given the go ahead to change your long hair be sure of your choice as it may take a while to reserve. Growing your hair back to its previous length or dying your hair to restore its natural colour may take valuable time and risk securing modelling opportunities. Once your decision is made ensure that you visit the hairdresser to guarantee a professional service that enhances your appearance.

On the other hand, a modelling expert may advise for you to change your hairstyle to make you look more edgy or cool. It’s up to you if you go ahead yet do consider their advice if they are well known in their field and have your best interests at heart. 

Think of Your Face Shape

When changing your locks it is important to consider your face shape and how the new hair type will suit you. Medium length hair may be the perfect cut for you whereas curly hair will suit your friend. If you’re unsure ask a hairdresser for their opinion as they will most likely be able to guide you in the right direction.  

Jet black hair may not suit your complexion if you’re naturally blonde. The dark hair colour maybe too deep for your skin tone making you appear paler than you are. Those working in the fashion world will know a lot about colour and the best hair for face shapes. Therefore, if you make the wrong decision it could really have a negative impact on your modelling career.

Consider an International Audience

The fashion industry works on a global scale therefore, it is wise to think about how your new haircut will be perceived in another country. American cities like New York and the French capital are very different places each with their own unique style. Your hair needs to be able to translate well in various places. 

When walking for fashion weeks in these cities, designers will have a hair style that they want to create for each model. A bright pink mop may cost you a job as it clashes with their colour palette or concept.  Many do use wigs but a lot don’t and as an emerging model you will need to be as accessible as possible on a global scale.

Have you ever dramatically changed your hairstyle as a model? Did it affect your career at all? Let us know by commenting below………

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