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  • Freya Hill

Heavy music pumping through the studio, scorching lights shining down from every hidden nook and cranny, cameras zooming back and forth. The new generation of high street fashion sees models not only posing for a static photograph but dancing widely across the set. Welcome the latest phase of modelling; the fashion video shoot.

They’re only a couple of minutes in length but boy, do they scream energy like you’ve never seen before! Featuring the same models that we see in the catalogue, on the website and in the lookbook, these short films are used to bring a brand’s clothing range to life. Much like an advert, they are made to demonstrate how items look when they’re worn on the body and what sort of a person would wear them.


We’re telling you about these videos because they’re becoming increasingly popular for models to take part in. If you are successful in being signed to an agency/brand, the chances of you being asked to take part in one of these contemporary shoots will increase. (This is due to brands focusing on their digital presence as catalogue shopping is witnessing a decline.)

If you’ve not yet had a chance to see one of these videos, log on to Boohoo, Missguided or AX Paris to get familiar with the youthful kind (or keep your eyes peeled when you’re next having a lazy session on the sofa- they’re now being transmitted via our TV screens). Alternatively, try Marks & Spencer, Zara or Mango for a slower paced style.

As you watch each video, keep an eye out for some important features.

  • How are models moving? Are they walking slowly or fast?
  • What are the models doing with their hands and arms? Are they left hanging next by the body or are they moving about?
  • What position are the models’ heads in?

These promo campaigns are a perfect example of why agencies and brands look for more than just a pretty face and glossy hair. Personality is key when it comes to finding work in these current times; no longer are models employed to sit there and just look beautiful, they’re being asked to show their personality and have fun whilst on set.


If you’re approached about taking part in a video shoot, it’s vital that you know how to work your body.

  • Know how to walk. We’re not talking catwalk style but it is important that you have a really confident presence in front of the camera. Practice pacing backwards and forwards with your head held high. A lowered head will indicate a poor level of confidence and an uninteresting stance will bore casting agents. Look like you’re enjoying it, maybe throw in a little dance! Remember, posture is key.
  • Flimsy limbs look awkward. As a model, whether you’re posing for a photograph or you’re taking part in a promo video, you need to know what to do with your arms, hands and legs, even if they’re not the centre of attention. Practice makes perfect when it comes to this so make sure you spend time understanding your body and mastering different positions.
  • Finally, think about your face and head. If you’re applying for a job that’s aimed at a younger audience, the chances are brands will be looking for a really enthusiastic, playful, attitude-oozing look. Try posing with your neck knocked back, your tongue stuck out, your eye winking. That said, if you’re applying for a more sophisticated job, appreciate that the brand may be looking for a softer presence; a hand placed gently on the hip or moving through the hair. Marks and Spencer have a good video to watch on their website.

The modelling industry looks for more than just a unique face; personality is now everything (look how well bubbly spirited Care Delevingne’s doing). Prep yourself accordingly, take on our UK Models advice and see yourself one step ahead of the game when it comes to finding yourself work.

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Posted by Freya Hill

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