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  • Amy Bebbington

Welcome to our ‘How To’ series dedicated to providing advice, support and guidance to aspiring models. The UK Models blog will become a destination for those who are unsure on how to navigate through the industry with ease and confidence. By following each weekly instalment individuals with a dream of becoming a professional model will be able to invest time finding all the information in one space rather then trawling the Internet aimlessly in hope of an answer. Our team at UK Models is intent on advising and supporting naive, young and impressionable minds to remain on the correct path to success. The ‘How To’ series aims to inform and share important knowledge to eager hopefuls who are unsure of how to approach their dream. Do not be shy as we are equipped to support with different goals whether this be fronting the latest H&M campaign or walking the runway for Chanel or Dior.

Let us take you on an insightful journey that will inspire and direct you on your path to success.

However, we do need your help!!!!!


We wish to create blogs that are beneficial to our loyal followers and models who are struggling to find the advice they need. If each search, question and quandary is not being fulfilled currently from external resources please ask us here at UK Models. Please comment below with a question or topic that you require help with and we will write a blog post answering your query promptly. Do not be shy as it is more than likely that the majority of people also need help with the exact or very similar issue or question. Here at UK Models we are more than happy to help. We wish to extend our services to the blog and use this platform as an informative tool and resource that is interactive and communicates to our target audience. It is YOU that we wish to help!


First take a look at the first batch of blog posts that we are planning to write to ignite the new concept and launch our ‘How To’ series to the world. Of course, we are flexible and able to change these if a request appears or the modelling industry inspires an urgent topic yet if your query is already included in the list below we can just move this to an earlier date if possible. We very much value your input and feel that it is emerging models that need our help in a competitive, fierce industry that is intimidating to some. It is our duty as a modelling support service to provide a hub of knowledge that is easy to find and use. It will easily become a destination where talented models will visit for advice and help.

  1. How to contact modelling agencies
  2. How to know what to expect at a casting
  3. How to avoid scam artists
  4. How to perfect your model walk
  5. How to pose for a photoshoot
  6. How to create a professional portfolio
  7. How to keep my child safe in the modelling industry
  8. How to become a commercial model
  9. How to control nerves
  10. How to cope with rejection

We would love to hear from you!!!!!!! Remember to comment below for your voice to be heard……….

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