Should I Go For a UK Models’ Photo Shoot?

  • Freya Hill

We’ve put together this blog post so that you can get a better idea of what happens if you come to a UK Models photoshoot. Our aim is to give you a clear idea of what to expect thus helping you to make an informed decision about visiting us.

Before you’re invited down to one of our studios you will have spoken to a member of our UK Models team. We will have called you because of the success of your online application that you made via the UK Models website expressing your interest in becoming a model (the form that required your contact details and a recent headshot of yourself).


Speak to a Member of Our Team

From that phone conversation between yourself and a member of the UK Models New Faces team, you will have been invited to come and visit us in London for a professional photoshoot experience so that you and our experienced team can see whether you have the potential and fundamental skill set in place to become a model.

If you’re not sure what to make of this invitation, here’s a re-cap of information so that you can make an informed decision about whether you want to come and pay us a visit.

Why We Invite You to Our Studios

This is both your and our chance to see whether you enjoy and have the potential to become a working model. You will work with a team of extremely talented photographers, hair stylists and make-up artists to ensure that you get a truly professional experience.


At the end of your photoshoot a qualified image consultant will be able to sit down with you in a one-to-one situation and talk through your photo results. You will be able to gain professional feedback and insight about your modelling skills and then find out if this is a career that you could potentially find success in.

If you’re pleased with your pictures and enjoyed your photoshoot experience (thus confirming that this is a line of work that you want to pursue) UK Models are able to produce a professional portfolio for you. Although agencies don’t always require a model to have a portfolio, they are extremely beneficial to a new model; you can read more about this in our blog posts Model Portfolio Books from UK Models and What is a Model Agency?

These post photoshoot sessions allow aspiring models (and anyone who accompanied the model to their shoot) to see the quality of their images before they make a purchase and, if applicable, the chance to say no when it comes to buying any images at all. We are not here to force models into making a spend.

Is a UK Models Photoshoot Right for You?

If you can answer yes to the following questions, a UK Models photoshoot will probably be right for you.

Are you interested in pursuing a modelling career?
Do you like the sound of a professional photoshoot experience?
Would you like a personal, professional model portfolio?
Would you like professional advice and feedback about your modelling skills?
Are you happy to invest in a modelling portfolio?


To re-iterate, UK Models are not modelling agency but a model support service. No hard sales will be made post photoshoot experience and if you decide that you would like your own professional portfolio made, this is not free (but all prices will be clearly explained to you upon your visit). There is a £50 deposit to pay when you book your photo shoot slot but this is fully refundable when you visit. We only ask for this deposit to cover our costs if you do not turn up, in which case the deposit is no longer refundable.

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