My First Taste Of London Fashion Week

  • Claire Louise

I’ve been writing about fashion in some way or another for a while now, and I’m lucky enough to do it as my job. However, one thing I’ve never done is been to London Fashion Week, so this season, I decided to dip my toes into the water. Baby steps!

First things first – I didn’t go as a reporter, I went as a casual observer, and so I sadly wasn’t invited into any cool shows or anything like that! However, I did get invited down to SoHo for a private event with a company called Mastered, which helps people develop their fashion career, and so I went along to afternoon tea with them.

So, what’s a fashion blogger event like? Well, there are lots of people there with cameras, as you might expect. People look glamorous – often in black – but I was a little disappointed that nobody looked as surreal as I was hoping (I think I was most definitely in the wrong place for that)! Of course, there was also lots of perks of being there as well, such as free cakes, sandwiches and even prosecco. Lovely!

I spoke to a lovely woman called Nav who talked me through the Mastered programmes for writers. If you’re interested in fashion and want a career in it, their courses can be taken worldwide. They’re really hard to get onto, but the mentors are brilliant, and the connections are amazing. Networking is so important in fashion, and this could be your step up into the world! Who knows, next stop Vogue?

Once I’d finished at the event, I was given a lovely goody bag (fashion events are awesome, man!), and off I went. Next stop? Somerset House.


Somerset House is the heart of the action during fashion week, but sadly by the time I got there, a lot of the hustle and bustle had gone. No worries; I was still able to imagine, and to admire why such a wonderful building forms the heart of the fashion capital.

I also managed to attend an exhibition within one of the wings. Anyone could attend! This particular installation was called ‘Fashion Utopias’, and as all art is supposed to do, it got me thinking.


It really focused on fashion around the world, which is something I personally found inspiring. There were cultural considerations I had never even considered, and yet, each country’s fashion designs were full of pride and detail.


Personally, next time I’d love to go back and throw myself into LFW for real.

Have you been to one of the shows or maybe to Somerset House? Let us know!


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