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  • Claire Louise

London Fashion Week tickets might seem like unicorns sometimes – absolutely desirable but almost impossible to get hold of. If you’re interested in modelling, it makes sense that you’re interested in fashion, from looking at the latest collections from top designers to seeing if you’ve got what it takes to strut your stuff on the runway in future. Managing to get London Fashion Week tickets can give you true insight into the world you dream of working in. But how on EARTH do you get them? Here’s our guide to getting London Fashion Week tickets for yourself!

Good News: Anyone Can Go, Sort Of!

London Fashion Week can seem like a super private event, but they just want to give the illusion of exclusivity. Whilst you’re not likely to get actual London Fashion Week tickets unless you’re a member of the press, a blogger, a marketer, designer, buyer or a VIP, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to Somerset House. If you’re not sure what Somerset House is, it’s the hub of all of the action! You’ll see people bustling to-and-fro between all their important shows, you’ll see the best-dressed of the who’s-who, and you’ll be able to take notes, snaps and social media posts to your heart’s content.

Become A Fashion Blogger

Not happy with just going to Somerset House and want to get stuck into its core with some bona-fide London Fashion Week tickets? You’re in luck, there may be a way! Anyone can become a fashion blogger, and you don’t need much to get started except a computer, a camera and of course, a passion for fashion itself! Obviously, they don’t give out London Fashion Week tickets to anyone who asks for them – it’s an honour reserved for the best bloggers. However, if you start a fashion blog today and really work on your styling, editorial and following, perhaps attend Somerset House and write about it, some real life London Fashion Week tickets could well be yours by this time next year! To apply, you’ve got to meet certain criteria, which can be found here. The British Fashion Council make the final decision; it’s very formal! It’s mostly about stats and knowledge, so if you get chatting to other fashion bloggers and really do your research, those London Fashion Week tickets could be yours in no time! Who knows, maybe see you on the F-row?!


How Do You Attend A Fashion Show?

This can be super tricky, but not impossible. If you’re a blogger, it helps. Email the press office of the designer whose show you are interested in. Remember, a lot of people will also want to be present, and there will be a hierarchy system with priority given to famous people and big name press and so on. London Fashion Week tickets are in high demand, so the bigger the designer, the lower your chances. Perhaps approach up-and-coming designers first, and get in there before the big buzz? You DON’T need to be an official member of the London Fashion Council to attend shows, which is a common misconception. Please don’t be put off from applying, but remember it most likely won’t result in those London Fashion Week tickets that you want!

Go To London Fashion Weekend Instead!


London Fashion Weekend is a great pop-up celebrating all things fashion just after the initial week itself. You’ll still get the glitz, the glam and the fashion experience as if you had London Fashion Week tickets!

London Fashion Week 2016 is taking place between 18th – 23rd Feb. For London Fashion Week tickets, you’ll be a little too late to apply for accreditation this time. But remember, you can still attend Somerset House. Let us know if you manage to go along!


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