You Know You’re A Wannabe Model When…

  • Melissa Keen

Modelling isn’t the easiest industry to crack, but it remains one of the most sought-after jobs. Who doesn’t want to travel the world, work with amazing people and model beautiful items all day?

Being a full-time model is a lifestyle choice (which you know, having read every article available on how to be a model!) From the moment you wake up to the second you get into bed, you’re thinking non-stop of how to achieve your dream of being a successful model – even if that means trying out some unconventional methods!

You know modelling is your dream when…

You Catch Yourself Taking Selfies EVERYWHERE

Yep, everyone takes selfies. But yours aren’t just straight-up narcissism… practice makes perfect, after all! Figuring out your angles and what poses work best for you is essential homework if you want to be a professional model. Plus, posting them on social media gets you lots of followers – and haven’t plenty of models got their start that way?

You Love Researching the Most Healthy Food Spots

Models need to be fit and healthy. That means eating plenty of healthy food to keep your skin glowing, your hair healthy and your body toned. You love researching the healthiest places to eat, or discovering the most nutritional options on the menu. Don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while – even top models have cheat days!

You’ve Actually Learned To Love Exercise

You started out begrudgingly heading to the gym, but by the time you started to see and feel the results, you had to admit you were really enjoying it! Armed with your Victoria’s Secret ‘Pink’ sports bra, that yoga class is now the highlight of your week. And you’re desperate to find a local ‘Ballet Beautiful’ studio – after all, isn’t that the Victoria’s Secret model’s go-to workout?

You’re OBSESSED With Famous Models

You know the ins and outs of the careers of everyone worth knowing. You know who is walking whose catwalks, and who is the face of which companies. And you follow all your favourites on social media and religiously watch their vlogs on YouTube for tips and tricks on the modelling industry (and also to covet their glorious wardrobes!)

Your Bank Balance Is DANGEROUSLY Low From Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

Whether it was the ombre hair trend, or the H&M meets Balmain collection with the Jenners – if it’s in fashion, you’re desperate to have it. Unfortunately, being fashionable doesn’t come cheap. You’ve realised your love for style has made a serious dent in your purse… ouch!

You Can Reel Off Modelling Stats With Ease

Whether it’s the height of the average catwalk model, the amount of plus-sized women walking for the biggest fashion houses, or simply the ages of top models when they were discovered, you know it all. You’ve got dedication to your craft, and it will go a long way!

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Posted by Melissa Keen

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