You Know You’re A Wannabe Model When…

  • Claire Louise

When you’re trying desperately to be a model, you know there are a billion things you’d try. You know that half of them are irrational, and yet you do them anyway! So, you know modelling is your dream when:

You Catch Yourself Taking Selfies EVERYWHERE

Yep, everyone takes selfies. But yours aren’t just straight up narcissism. Yours are practicing. For your future job, duh! You need to keep posing a million times and posting the results on Instagram. It’s like homework… obviously.


You Wonder If There Are Calories In Water

Okay, so you’ve probably never quite gotten THAT far. But you’ve definitely found yourself stressing over something ridiculous like the amount of fat in a carrot or the amount of calories in celery. Our advice? Stop. A good agency should only want healthy models, and that means nutrition and a balanced diet.

You’ve Actually Learned To Love Exercise

You started out begrudgingly heading to the gym, but by the time you started to see results, you had to admit you were really enjoying it! Armed with your Victoria’s Secret ‘Pink’ sports bra, that yoga class is now the highlight of your week. Just make sure you don’t become too obsessed now – everything in moderation!

You’re OBSESSED With Famous Models

From the Victoria’s Secret Angels, to Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, you know the ins and outs of the careers of everyone worth knowing. What’s more, you know about their love lives, scandals, dramas and more. You follow all of them on social media, so in your defence, that probably isn’t hard!

Your Bank Balance Is DANGEROUSLY Low From Keeping Up With The Latest Trends

Whether it was the ombre trend of the last few years, the H&M meets Balmain collection with the Jenners, or even lip fillers, you just had to have it. Of course, the latter is only for over 18s and so hopefully you’re earning your own money, but if not, everything else will make serious dents in your pocket money. Ouch!


You Can Reel Off Modelling Stats, Easy

Whether it’s the height of the average catwalk model, the amount of plus sized women walking for the biggest fashion houses, or simply the ages of top models when they were discovered, you know it all. You’ve got dedication to your craft, and it will go a long way!

Are there any that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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