How To Contact a Modelling Agency

  • Amy Bebbington

Modelling agencies are establishments that support aspiring and established models secure opportunities. Being signed to a London agency is beneficial to your modelling career as with their fountain of contacts, experience and knowledge aspiring models will succeed under their guidance. However, it is no easy feat to be signed to such an establishment as the competition is high.

Model agents will only sign new faces that enhance their current edit of male and female models. Therefore, when contacting an agency it is vital that the approach is professional, smooth and correct. Each organisation hosts a website that provides all the information needed to apply to the agency. It is important that emerging models look on the website to find the contact or apply section and proceed accordingly. Successful models who feature in campaigns for Topshop, Zara and American Apparel have all gone through the same process.

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Filling Out the Application Form

Before beginning the application process read carefully through to understand what they are asking of you. It is more than likely that you will need to declare your contact information, statistics and recent photographs to apply to a modelling agency. Although, every establishment may present the information in a different format so check before beginning.

When entering your name, email address and statistics including height, waist and bust size ensure the information is correct. It is easy to make an error by including an extra digit or missing a letter yet this could be crucial as the agent may email the wrong address or dial the incorrect number leading to a missed opportunity.

Do not blatantly lie on the form either regarding your height or dress size as you will be found out when meeting with the modelling agency. A dishonest individual will earn a bad reputation and will risk your chances of becoming hired.


The Photograph

The photographs that you send should also meet their stipulations and requirements. Some establishments prefer simple body and head shots whereas others ask for professional pictures shot via a fashion photographer at a photoshoot. Ensure that you attach the correct type and do not send amateur shots as remember this is the first impression that the agency will make of you. If you are successful the agent will then contact you to proceed further.


Meet in Person

If you prefer to meet with an agency in person as you feel more comfortable interacting verbally rather than online this is also an option. The majority of modelling establishments host a walk-in session where aspiring hopefuls can attend to be seen by the agents. The schedule will be posted on their website again stating the designated time slots.

Always check the availability before travelling to the destination. Agents are extremely busy and will not see you if you arrive at the incorrect time. Those who work at the agencies follow a strict routine to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently. Therefore, upon arrival if the walk-in session has finished you will not be seen no matter how much you try to bargain.

The most methodological way to organise your time is to check the time slots for each agency that you plan to visit and to not deviate from the list. If you run out of time simply attend the next walk-in session available as this will be more productive than just turning up at a time convenient for you.

Are you ready to contact model agencies? Remember to remain calm, confident and professional at all times!! Good luck!!!

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