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Female Empowerment in the Fashion Industry

  • Amy Bebbington

We’ve talked a lot about diversity and female empowerment in the fashion industry. A topic that is always relevant as the modelling world starts to listen and respond to the on-going campaign. Including size, race, age and gender diversity covers a wide area with young women looking up to role models who fight for the cause.

Missguided are a fashion brand to hit headlines for their campaign celebrating features that society deems as ‘flaws’ or imperfections.’ The #InYourOwnSkin campaign brings six inspirational young women to showcase body positivity to a wide audience.

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The Missguided Campaign

The Beauty Industry Needs to Pay Attention

What is Women’s Empowerment All About?

Fashion Images Can Empower Women

We Should All Be Feminists

How to Stay Safe in the Modelling World

The Missguided Campaign

On the whole many high street fashion brands still hire the typical stereotype to front their campaigns. You know the one, slim, white, tall, young girls who have most likely been digitally enhanced to look unrecognisable to themselves.

However, Missguided champion these so called flaws in an empowering series of images. The hugely popular online brand have chosen to reflect society choosing models with skin conditions. Not only will the images inspire women and girls worldwide but raise awareness of rare skin conditions.

Both men and women who may have a similar skin type will be able to identify and not feel so alone. Their campaign builds upon the concept of #KeepOnBeingYou movement that breaks the boundaries to encourage women to embrace their bodies and to not strive for perfection as it doesn’t exist. These images follow other positive moves by the online retailer with models featuring stretch marks and not editing photos.

Meet Maya

Maya has a rare skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa, which is so unique that it only affects 5000 people in the UK and 500,000 worldwide. She is proud of the brand for choosing to celebrate ‘real women’ rather than once again following the stereotypical ideals.

She states: “I think we are on the way to empowering women a lot more than we used to.”

Introducing Beth

Beth also has a skin condition called psoriasis and proudly models in her first modelling job whilst studying at university. She explains how beauty is about what is on the inside. A person’s personality, happy nature, ability to love and how they accept one another is so beautiful. She was cast on the streets of Manchester.

Next up Is Mariana

Working as a fashion designer, Mariana is no stranger to the modelling world. Born with a birthmark on her face, she models with confidence showcasing how beautiful she is not letting her insecurities stop her. She shares her thoughts on body positivity on social media.

Get to Know Joanne

Joanne is a plus size model who has albinism who strives to raise awareness of the disorder. Again, those who see Joanne in the campaign with Albinism will no longer feel excluded from the fashion world.

There’s Polly

The flame-haired beauty proudly wears her freckles and tattoos with pride in the campaign and so she should. Her inclusion within the ad will hopefully witness more inked models in the fashion landscape.

Not Forgetting Isabella

The beauty proudly showcases her scars from a house fire when her shirt got caught in the flames at 17. She hopes that the campaign and her modelling career will help normalise disfigurement.

The Beauty Industry Needs to Pay Attention

Let’s face (pun intended) it, no one has absolutely flawless skin as many fashion and cosmetic brands lead us to believe. Many who have rosacea, vitiligo, scarring or acne need to see themselves witnessed in the beauty ads.

Although, many know that fashion is an illusion and no one has flawless skin like the models in the adverts and editorials, in those negative moments all sense is gone.

We yearn for their complexion, soft skin. We strive for an image that is unachievable; an unrealistic goal that can never be realised. Therefore, by showing real skin conditions a lot more women will feel confident in their looks empowering them beyond what you can imagine.

What Is Women’s Empowerment All About?

The female empowerment movement is about having a strong belief in women and what they can achieve. Whether this is through gender equality or body positivity many empowering female celebrities, outspoken models and Instagram influencers fight for a world where women do not have to conform to a set stereotype.

Living in a male dominated society in the work force, at home and in the media many are working to shed these judgments. Women can be the CEO of a multi-million business. They can be a fantastic mother and work full time. Be a size 14 and feel proud of their figure. Their size, gender or race doesn’t define them. Women can be anything they want to be with hard work, strength and passion. Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.

Fashion Images Can Empower Women

For many decades high fashion have shown women subdued playing dead, as a victim of some kind of sexual violence or looking weak and submissive. The fear is that the message that this portrays to its audience is that women are timid, scared and fearful. However, a new trend is coming to the forefront of the empower woman.

New poses have emerged that show that women are strong, confident and happy. It is a much more real, empowering image that appeals to international women than men. The new age is about about women supporting women and being strong together rather than working against each other. It is such a positive step in the right direction moving away from an industry that has previously been known for its bitchy, competitive nature.

We Should All Be Feminists


With International Women’s Day now held annually on the 8th March, it encourages girls to celebrate who they are. Last year, there was such a hype of social media with many posting about how proud they are to be a woman. Whether this s wearing a slogan T-shirt or posting a positive quote, we can all unite on this day. Feminism includes everyone. Men too. We should all be feminists!

With the #metoo campaign this year that tackled sexual harassment in the film, TV and fashion industry. It brought to light how women are treated in the workplace and highlighted those who exploit girls. Social media also helped women feel brave enough to share their story with the #metoo movement creating solidarity amongst men and women.

How to Stay Safe in the Modelling World

Unfortunately, there will be similar stories in the modelling industry too. Whether it is at photoshoots or at New York, London or Paris Fashion Week. As young, impressionable models make sure that you are 100% comfortable at all times.

Speak out about sexual advances and inappropriate behaviour. Do not stay quiet out of courtesy or fear. Have a voice. Tell someone you trust. Whether it’s a female designer, family member or friend. Speak from the heart and you can’t go wrong. Read more on this here.

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