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Join the growing campaign for a diverse modelling industry

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What are the requirements?

Most plus sized models need to fall between a size 12-16 or in some cases up to a size 18. It does still help if you are taller and a bubbly personality is a must. Evans is a good high street example of this, as they cater only for sizes 16+. To complement your vibrant character ooze confidence and pride within your fuller figure to succeed in plus size modelling.

Where to begin?

Sign to an established agency that will support and develop your career in the correct direction. Ensure that your chosen agency caters for plus size models and has experience within the sector.

Many are successfully breaking boundaries.

Over the last 10 years the modelling industry has started to open its eyes to the potential that plus models can bring to the fashion industry.

There has been an extensive amount of bad press relating to the fashion industry’s liking to very skinny tall girls which is far from the average women. As opinions are changing, the fashion industry is starting to open its doors to more averagely sized and plus size women.

The launch of Plus-Size Fashion Week reflects the demand for models that possess a truthful representation of the female form. Witnessing a selection of curvaceous women gracing the catwalk inspires in a way that regular fashion weeks cannot.

The positive reaction received will challenge concepts and force fashion insiders to change perceived perceptions of fuller silhouettes. Plus size models will strive to break more barriers and blur boundaries for the industry to except a drastic change.

An internet revolution has widened the market.

For years there has been high street clothing brands that have always used plus size models but now the world of internet shopping has revolutionised the so called catalogue industry and earned a lot more work for plus sized models.

The online phenomenon will reach a wider market expanding each models presence within the industry. The career progression of a plus size model will develop at a considerably faster pace than previously.

Online platforms showcase a range of clothing to an audience in a realistic and identifiable way, which will ensure an increase in plus size online boutiques.

The competition is fierce.

As plus size models are more and more in demand, it is becoming more competitive and fierce.

Plus size models need to be tough and be very strong willed to succeed. Ambition and determination to maintain a healthy voluptuous figure and flawless skin will enable you to stand out against your rivals.  Consume a healthy diet and introduce regular routine exercises to maintain a silhouette that earned your place in the modelling industry.

Rejection is rife.

To become a successful plus size model you may face rejection and spiteful remarks. Although the industry has overcome many harsh hurdles discrimination in a stereotypical modelling world remains. It is vital to ignore hurtful jibes and focus entirely on your own journey and passion. Perseverance and forming valuable connections will ultimately aid your career rather than focusing on unnecessary comments. Over time rejection will become easier to digest with experience and as individuals learn to embrace a contemporary modelling industry.

Only the ambitious succeed.

As an aspiring plus size model it is certainly the time to secure as many opportunities as possible. Create an exceptional portfolio of work to demonstrate your capabilities and embrace the constantly changing modelling industry. Strive to ensure that your desire is ignited and supports the increase of fuller figure models.

How can UK Models help?

Apply to UK Models to gain experience and confidence in front of a camera. Building a professional portfolio will allow for you to showcase your ability to potential agencies and make your mark on the modelling industry.

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