5 Points to Consider When Choosing Your Application Photograph

  • Amy Bebbington

Choosing a photograph to attach to your application is a difficult decision that every hopeful ponders over. The images chosen represents your capabilities and talent and therefore, needs to be flattering, professional and of a high standard. It is the first impression that a potential agent or employer will make of you and should be chosen with great care and attention. Therefore, pondering over your selection of photographs is an essential task for emerging models that should be taken seriously.

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Find out our 5 pointers to help you in this daunting process.

Meet Requirements

Agencies will stipulate the types of photographs required in order to apply to the organisation and be considered. Some prefer head/body shots whereas others favour portfolio images so make sure that you are aware of their preference before attaching a file. Do not go against their requirements as this will hinder your chances immediately. Also, the amount of images needed will most likely be stated so upload this amount to avoid annoying the agent. They have a lot of applicants to vet and will disregard those who disobey their orders.

No Amateurs

NEVER use images of you socialising with friends or taken as a selfie. It is extremely unprofessional to attach a shot that isn’t intended to showcase your modelling abilities. Immediately eliminate any of these from potentials and focus on those that are to a high standard. Intention and purpose is incredibly important as agencies need to view an image that shows your capabilities, which cannot be assessed on a night out with friends.


Ensure Quality

All images that are chosen should be to a high standard. No blurriness, dark or fuzzy images should be included in your decision. Disregard instantly and focus on the shots that are well lit and executed to make that all important impression. Therefore, hire a professional if you feel as though your images are not up to standard. It is a worthwhile investment for your modelling future and should be taken seriously.

Use the Correct Format

Get clued up on image formatting and size. An unwanted scenario would be that your photographs do not load due to the wrong format or size. Technology is incredible yet errors are easily made due to lack of understanding. If you are unsure if your images are to the correct size seek help to be certain that your photographs will be able to be opened. Once you have the knowledge and understanding of image sizing and formatting, it is easy to adjust where necessary.


Relevance Is Key

Think about where you are applying to when selecting the correct images. Various niches look for different attributes in a model. Therefore, it is worthwhile picking a shot that will appeal to this sector. Relevance is key and just using the same image each time may be the wrong decision. Finally, assess the agency or company to determine which shots will be most suitable and give you the best chance of success.

Do you have any more top tips on how to choose the perfect photograph for your application? Comment below.

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