Can You Really Get Scouted at Music Festivals?

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Music festivals have become the perfect spot to scout talent with agents heading to the likes of V Festival, Coachella, Latitude and Glastonbury. Young festival-goers use the weekends as an outdoor fashion show carefully planning their outfits to get that festival chic look. Scouts search the music loving crowds to find the next supermodel, the perfect arena for fashion conscious youngsters who would love nothing more than to launch their model career. They attend festivals most weekends. So yes, models are regularly scouted at music festivals.

Why Festivals?

The relaxed vibe at a festival is the perfect opportunity to find talent. Everyone is carefree having the best time, dancing to the music or hanging out with friends. In this laid back environment people are at their most beautiful and easier to spot. The stress and rush of everyday life disappears creating a very chilled atmosphere compared to the other prime scouting spots.

Airports and shopping malls are hectic. People are always rushing through security and heading to their gate to catch the flight. At department stores, shoppers are fixated on finding the latest bargain and fighting their way through crowds. These environments make it a lot more difficult with scouts only using these opportunities if they are catching a flight or shopping themselves.

Also, most festivals take place in summer where individuals tend to wear more revealing clothes. Scouts can really see a persons physique much more clearly and if they suitable to model.


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How to Get Scouted at a Music Festival

Firstly, do not spend all your time at the festival looking to get scouted as although a lot of models scouts flock to popular festivals it is not guaranteed. Do not pin all you hopes on one festival as remember their will be thousands of young girls and guys there. However, it is worthwhile knowing what scouts are looking for to strengthen your chances.

  • Less is more – Keep your make-up natural. Scouts are looking to see the true character and beauty. A fresh face is much easier to witness a models potential rather than a heavy make-up look.
  • Be yourself – A individual with originality and style catches the eye of an agent. Wear an outfit that you feel confident in and captures your sense of style.
  • A great personality – Your look and clothes may be the reason a scout comes to talk to you but a great character is very important. A friendly, enthusiastic personality will be well received over a shy, timid character.
  • Have fun – As we explained above, don’t treat the festival as a interview where you are on tender hooks in case a scout is watching. Apply your glitter, dance in the mud and laugh with friends. Scouts much prefer to witness your natural self who is not afraid to let go.

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What to Do if You Get Scouted

Do not let your excitement cloud your judgement. As we always say it is important to be cautious. Never feel as though you have to give out your contact details on the spot. A trustworthy scout will give you a business card with the company’s name, address and website. When at home you can investigate the agency further to uncover the legitimacy of the company. Simply thank them for their interest and state that you will contact them after the festival. Scouts will be expecting for you to say this so do not worry that you have missed your opportunity. It is better to be safe than sorry. For those aged under 18, the scout should ask for your parents contact details. Minors should never meet up with a scout without permission from their mum or dad. Also, do not trust someone who asks for money on the spot.

Which Festivals Do Scouts Attend

Their diary is packed with festival dates over the season yet scouts will pick and choose the ones that appeal to the right demographic. Festivals with a young, creative vibe and a wide selection of artists are the perfect type as they attract thousands of young people. However, they are very selective only choosing quality over quantity. The likes of Latitude, Coachella, Glastonbury and V Festival are very popular amongst the teens. Agencies also look to where their signed models are heading during the summer. If a lot of models are going to a particular festival they know their must be potential waiting there too.


Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Models Scouted at Music Festivals

Antonia Dewbury

The fresh faced model was spotted at V Festival. Since the flamed haired beauty has carved a successful career including British brand Burberry, Mulberry and So It Goes Magazine.

Louie Johnson

The Burberry campaign star was scouted at V Festival also. His 6″2 height, sharp bone structure and Northern charm has certainly been a huge hit with the fashion industry. His runway debut was at LCM for Topshop – he closed the show.

Carolyn Park

The Gucci muse was approached at Glastonbury and with a long standing career in the industry she is showing how a model can remain relevant past their 20s. Over the years Carolyn has worked with the likes of Versace and Hugo Boss. Jan Dunning was
also spotted at Glastonbury becoming a Gucci muse.

Lara Mullen

In 2011, her world changed forever when she was scouted at Victoria Park’s Underage Festival. Since, she has walked the runway for Alexander Wang (only two weeks after spotting). Her career is going from strength to strength with campaigns including Topshop and Maje, appearing on multiple covers of Dazed & Confused and featuring in 50-plus catwalk shows per season. You can see why the festival season has become the most important dates in a model agents diary,

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