How to Spot Trustworthy Model Scouts

  • Amy Bebbington

What Does a Model Scout Do?

Model scouts seek talent to hopefully launch as the new top model on the scene. For young, aspiring models it is important to be aware and informed to distinguish the trustworthy from the unreliable.

Where Do They Look?

They usually lurk at busy places and events that attract a young audience. It is a time where experts who are hired by large modelling agencies can scan the crowd to find potential. Festivals, shopping malls and apparently fast food chains such as McDonalds prove that teenagers and young adults gravitate towards these places.

It is the perfect opportunity to evaluate a large crowd rather than waiting in a quiet area. Typically, the talent are not aware of their potential to model or are caught off guard whilst enjoying the festival or shopping experience.


Photo by Pan Xiaozhen on Unsplash

Scouts on Instagram

Living in a digital obsessed world, scouts do turn to social media to find new faces. In particular, Instagram is very visual with Instagram modelling become a big thing in the industry. An Instagram model search will be successful for some agents without having to leave the comfort of the office.

Do be wary when replying to messages and comments as a lot of scam artists hide behind a screen. Make sure that you check if a company or individual is legit before agreeing to meet. If someone is claiming to be from a large agency or company, a quick phone call will determine if they are telling the truth. On a positive note, it gives aspiring models the opportunity to be noticed worldwide. Check out the latest hashtags to ensure that agents are aware of your profile.


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How to Know If the Opportunity is Legit

When approached by a model scout whilst at a music festival or shopping at your favourite high street store such as TopshopZara or Urban Outfitters keep your wits about you to assess whether the opportunity is genuine. A reputable scout will carry a business card with an address, phone number and email contact printed clearly on the marketing tool.

Once home research the company to check if their facts are correct and their reputation within the industry. This task should be easy to complete as a modelling agency will have a website to evaluate. An easy way to spot a fraud is to ring the number to see if it actually a legit company. Be wary if the scout asks for money upfront or for you to leave with them immediately. Always be polite, thank them for their interest and proceed to find out more before agreeing to meet them in person to be thorough and sensible. If under 18, always make sure that you check with your parents. They will be able to help you understand if the scout is trustworthy.

What Modelling Scouts Look For?

Professionals scouting for models will usually seek individuals aged between 14 – 21 with healthy skin, physique and hair as a base. The winning formula will be a young person who stands out in a large crowd with an unusual face, a charismatic personality or an inspirational aura. A great bone structure, being photogenic and a natural charm will go far. Candidates of this calibre are easy to stop as their infectious nature draws people in – a muse if you like.


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How to Impress

Scouts are looking to see young talent in real life. Whether you are shopping, dancing in the crowd at a festival or sunbathing, individuals are unaware of scouts looking for potential. Young individuals in these situations will not be worrying if their make-up is perfect or their outfit is super stylish. They will be going about their life as normal. Therefore, to impress you just have to go about your everyday life as you would. Don’t overthink it!

For example, Amy Maggs was spotted at a One Direction concert in Manchester and Saska Ingham was shopping in Oxford Circus eating a waffle on a school trip when she was discovered, whilst Tatum Marchetti was scouted at an event at the O2 arena. Also, Kate Moss was found in the airport and Jourdan Dunn was shopping in Primark. The fashion world works on a global scale all around the world in big cities such as London, Paris and New York. You never know when the opportunity will arrive if at all so do not hang around these areas. Go about your everyday life actively working towards becoming a model. If you are spotted then this is a huge bonus.


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How to Get Discovered by a Modelling Agency

It is important to not wait for the opportunity to come to you by attending every music festival and shopping daily – difficult to resist I know!!! Submitting applications online to various modelling agencies of your choice is another way of getting noticed by modelling scouts. Also, modelling agencies host open calls to meet lots of potential models.

After being spotted by experts you will be invited to attend a model agency for a meeting. They usually take it slow and steady by explaining how the business works. A plan and next steps will be discussed including your availability over the next six months. Remember whilst in high school modelling is just a hobby. At this point photographs will be taken of you by the agency to begin your career as hopefully a successful model.

This is an exciting time for aspiring models yet there will be a lot of hard work involved in shaping a modelling career as this is the starting point. A reputable modelling agency will provide training and advice for those who have never worked in the field previously. It is important to be confident, friendly and positive when starting out and learn from those more experienced than you. Absorb as much information as possible to survive in a competitive industry. As you gradually secure more roles you will gain more experience and confidence to build a modelling career that you will be proud of. Start conversations, be interesting and engaging as there is much more to being a male or female model than good looks. Finally, personality is key as the model scouts like genuine individuals who see modelling as a creative outlet.

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