How to Get Scouted for Modelling

  • Amy Bebbington

How to get scouted for modelling is a good question, as repeatedly hanging around shopping malls  in your best gear is not likely to be successful. Yes, you’ve heard the stories of supermodels being accidentally found as a teenager, which can lead to wishful thinking. However – now brace yourself – it is unlikely to happen as easily as all that. Model scouts may be out on the prowl spotting talent every so often and for those lucky models it is a dream come true with little effort yet, it is extremely difficult to predict and happens to one in a zillion hopefuls. Leave that dream to chance and decide to work at your goal to become a model through hard work, commitment and dedication.

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How to get scouted for modelling

Model Scouts Explained

Model scouts are extremely busy professionals who do not spend all of their time hunting out the latest talent in teenage hangout spots. The pressure to deliver new potential is high by the fashion industry and therefore, the individuals rely on other methods to conduct their search. Scouts usually work for a large organisation and are expected to follow legit procedures to ensure that talent is found on a regular basis. It is important that you follow these guidelines to avoid danger and to be signed to be a model. Take a look at the ways to approach a modelling agency that will be more successful than waiting to be scouted.

How to get scouted for modelling

The Application

All trustworthy modelling agencies will have an application process that hopefuls can fill out. Once you have found the agencies that are suitable, you can begin filling out the form to the best of your ability. Ensure that all sections are completed and answer correctly with no spelling errors. Attach photographs of a high, professional standard and wait to be contacted. Do not pin all your hopes onto one agency yet apply to as many legit establishments as possible.

Walk In Appointments

Most agencies conduct walk in sessions for those who prefer a face to face meeting. Check the times on the website to avoid a pointless journey. Agents are very busy people and will not just see you at a moments notice. It is important to make a great first impression. You will not be given a long time to sell yourself. Unfortunately, the modelling industry is a ruthless world and judgements are made immediately on looks alone. Most do not give a second chance so use your opportunity wisely.

How to get scouted for modelling

Work Hard

There you have it two ways to work towards your modelling goal. How to get scouted for modelling is a very popular question with many looking to Karlie Kloss’ and Jourdan Dunn’s personal story. This of course, could happen to you. Yet be smart and savvy and do not leave your career to chance as it could leave you disappointed. Networking is also a great way to secure opportunities and meet industry experts. Yet most of these events will arise once you have entered the fashion scene.

What tips do you have in response to the – how to get scouted for modelling question? We would love to hear your thoughts. 

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