Can Models Help the World Become Environmentally Conscious?

  • Amy Bebbington

Do models have a bigger role to play than to solely pose for photoshoots or walk in runway shows?

With many becoming minor celebrities on Instagram their thoughts and opinions have a much wider affect.

Young fans buy into their lifestyle copying what they wear, where they travel to and the places they eat. Therefore, the way they treat planet Earth could also be passed down to a younger generation. Environmentally conscious models are doing their part.

The idea of living more sustainably and being aware of our planet has become such an important concept.  It’s big news with ‘single use plastic’ becoming the most used phrase in 2018. It’s an issue that the fashion industry has certainly addressed but could be taken a step further with help of a model voice.

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Taja Feistner’s Thoughts

Successful Models Who Support Sustainability

Ways to Be More Sustainable

How Can Models and Designers Spread the Sustainable Word

Taja Feistner’s Thoughts

After being discovered at an Italian-American restaurant, Taja has modelled for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu and Rodarte,.Taja has also studied Energy and Sustainable Policy at Penn State University, which has inspired her to design her own sustainable clothing line called Eka Minetta.

She believes that being a model should be more focused on being a role model for society. Her vocation is such a great platform for starting a conversation about the issues in the world, sustainable living and environmentally friendly behaviour.

Through starting her own clothing label she has discovered that a lot of fashion brands may be falsely claiming to be eco-friendly and a green business. Every aspect of their business model needs to be carefully considered thinking about the factory, transportation efficiency and fabric choices rather than just their bottom line. All big brands have a corporate social responsibility to care about the planet.

She thinks education is the answer to sustainable development. The more we know about pollution the more we can change and become decision-makers that understands what we do as individuals affects the world directly.

Successful Models Who Support Sustainability

There are many environmentally conscious models who are doing their bit for the planet. We’ve found a few who support sustainability and are sharing their message.

Gisele Bundchen

The Brazialian model is recognised for her support and commitment to the environment. She became a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme in 2009 and her Los Angeles house is built from recycled materials and solar panels.

Using renewable energy such as solar power is a great example of sustainable living leaving a lower carbon footprint through natural energy use.

Her passion for nature and saving our planet has led her to launching the clean-water project in her hometown, Horizontina and her collaboration with footwear brand Grendene serves to raise money for the rainforest.

Angela Lindvall

Using her Instagram to showcase her incredible modelling roles and eco-friendly lifestyle – and home in Topanga California, she has been a huge supporter of sustainability before it became more talked about in the fashion world. Becoming part of the NRDC’s Clean by Design initiative has enabled for her to learn about the textile manufacturing process and how it could be dramatically improved.

Amber Valletta

Campaigning for what is right is rooted in her D.N.A and has stayed with her throughout her adult life. From protesting the construction of a power plant in Tulsa, Oklahoma aged 8 she has gone on to create an eco-friendly e-commerce site, Master & Muse hosting incredible pieces that share her beliefs in sustainable fashion.

Ways to Be More Sustainable

Working within the fashion industry there are little things that you can do to help protect our planet. Even in our everyday life we can make small changes that are truly beneficial that will stop having a negative impact on Earth.

If you’re thinking of living a much more considered, thought-out lifestyle, check out the tips below and spread the word. Armed with the know how, environmental issues can be tackled by each and every one of us.

Buying Local

Supporting your local farms or independent shops is a great way to start. This way you know what you are putting into your body and isn’t pumped full of synthetics.


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

This slogan has never been so important and is very related to the fashion industry. Second hand, vintage and charity shops are a great way of recycling clothing. Someone’s old, unwanted clothing will be another’s treasure.

Next time you are heading out shopping why not take a look, you can find some hidden gems that you will adore.

Cut Back on Plastic

We’ve all heard about how plastic is affecting our oceans and there are some easy solutions to cut back. Take a tote whilst out shopping and refusing a plastic bag is just one easy trick. By having your own bags with you when you go shopping you can avoid having to buy one each time. Also, avoid using once only plastic bottles and buy yourself one that lasts a lifetime.


Go that one step further and try to replace single use plastic or items with reusable ones. For example, reusable cotton pads that can be washed are an easy solution to taking your makeup off rather than using one/two each time.

Beach Cleans

Carry out beach cleans when you’re on holiday or going for a walk in the UK. Every little helps. You will be surprised how much you find on the coastline.

Buy Environmentally Friendly Products

Avoid buying cleaning products that are harmful to our wildlife and oceans. Pay attention to the labels on the bottle, as you will be able to see if there are any harmful chemicals in the contents. Using environmentally friendly products and natural products will have a huge impact.

Don’t Drive as Much

Take the bus into town or to your modelling jobs when possible. Driving everywhere is more harmful to our environment releasing carbon emissions through the use of fossil fuels such as petrol and diesel. Walk to most places if possible, not only will you feel fitter but it has a positive environmental impact also.


Paperless Billing

By switching to paperless billing is easily saving the amount of paper being wasted. You can easily logon to your account online to see your bills.

Think About Your Daily Energy Consumption

Are you living in an energy efficient way? For example, don’t leave lights on in rooms that you are not in or have the heat on for too long. We can all fall into bad habits yet considering your households energy efficiency will have a positive impact.

How Can Models and Designers Spread the Sustainable Word?

Models and designers have such a great platform to share their beliefs with their audience and future generations. As we’ve seen a lot of models are doing just that. If you are thinking of using your profile to create a more sustainable eco-friendly environment here’s a few ways that might help. Models, bloggers and Instagram influencers (some have a very large following) can adopt these methods and help change the way people think.

Talk About It on Social Media

Create a post that shows your dedication to the cause and what you are doing, even if it is for the first time. If you are honest and open about sustainable practices that you are putting in place, it becomes much less preachy and will inspire other to try too.


Maybe include some facts about how our actions are damaging the environment and what we can all do to change it.

Wear Sustainable Brands

Give them a shout out on social media. This will cause more people to follow them and wear their designs also. A brand with strong values and great designs will attract a huge following. You can use your position to make this happen quickly.

Spread the Word

Write a blog post or create a YouTube video to spread the word. In an interview with a magazine or online website talk about your feelings and how people can help.

A lot of people are unaware of what they can do personally to help our planet. However, those in high profile positions can easily help spread the word to young people. They are influenced by individuals they admire and therefore, will get on board.

Do you have any other suggestions? We love to hear your thoughts by commenting below.

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