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Anti-Agency: A Modelling Agency with an Edge

  • Melissa Keen

Anti-Agency‘ is a modelling agency with a difference. They don’t sign the conventional model stereotype; instead, they look for unique individuals who have a passion for creativity.

The company’s aim is to help alternative organisations better represent their target audience and provide inspirational figures for their customers. Anti-Agency have supplied models for Marc Jacobs, Vanity Fair and Boys By Girls Magazine, to name a few.

Since its launch in 2013, the agency has continued to carefully select talent and grow its pool of unique models. This list sits within its innovative model database which brands can look through in order to find their ideal model.

The unique organisation looks for individuals who have a deep passion for creative industries such as music, fashion, art and illustration, yet have the talent/attributes to model. It’s thought that their intense interest and love for creativity will heavily reflect on their overall style and appearance – exactly what Anti-Agency is looking for.

Anti-Agency claims: “Our models aren’t just clothes horses; we focus on hand-selecting London-based girls and boys with personality, individual style and talent.” 

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Who Are They Looking For?

Anti-Agency are on the lookout for people with rare, unique qualities. Tattoos, piercings, alternative body shapes and unusual faces are all welcome – a refreshing concept compared to other agencies in the business.

Founders Lucy Greene and Pandora Lennard claim to be far from your average casting agents. They have over 10 years of experience within the fashion and music industry. They look for those who have the potential to be models but have consciously made the decision against it.

The agency is growing popular, with many prestigious names using Anti-Agency’s original service.


Championing Creative and Artistic Talent

Anti-Agency has cleverly spotted a niche in the market. Urban, contemporary style has previously been difficult to find and generally shunned by the industry. However, the agency has rightly noticed that the world is full of creative and artistic individuals.

Artists make society a beautiful and interesting place to live in. Tattoos, piercings and personal style are all a way of expressing oneself; this should be celebrated and used to inspire others.

Each vision and interpretation is a unique journey. The fashion world has the perfect platform to support and inspire originality.


How to Apply

If you class yourself as a true creative who enjoys expressing themselves through their body image and profession, Anti-Agency is for you.

To apply, send an email entitled “SUBMISSIONS” including current pictures of yourself. This photos should be as natural as possible and should include headshots as well as full-body shots. The company wants to see your creativity represented in your everyday life, so try not to take photos that are too staged.

State your interests and include a brief description about yourself. Include contact details and any previous modelling experience.

It is important to note that emails which are not correctly titled or do not include the above information will be disregarded. Remember – the agency receives a high volume of entries each week, so little mistakes could cost you. Those who stand out and are presented accurately will hold a better chance.

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Posted by Melissa Keen

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