9 Struggles Only An Aspiring Model Would Understand

  • Amy Bebbington

Becoming a model is a career for the hard working amongst us. Many think looking pretty and posing is all it takes. An ‘easy’ job many declare – a laughable statement for those in the industry. If only they really understood the reality of working long, long hours, the competition to secure an opportunity and the uncertainty of your next paid role.

The modelling industry is tough! The high standards, the rejection and the fierce competition is no easy ride for aspiring models. Once you’ve mastered the skill of networking, juggling a long list of castings in one day and your model strut is strong, you may reflect on the emotional journey you have battled through. A journey that few understand.

We certainly do! We’ve gathered together 9 gif’s that an aspiring model can totally relate to. Take a moment to embrace the struggles you have looked in the face head on and overcome time and time again.

Let’s get started.

Finding out you didn’t get the job


Okay, we get it. The rejection hurts. You really, really wanted that job. It’s totally disappointing but remember there are plenty more modelling jobs out there.

When your photoshoot starts way too early


What? 4am? Is that really a time where people function. Yes, in the modelling world photoshoots start at the crack of dawn. Its time to get used to it.

Making an error on your application


Nooooooooooo. Remember hitting the send button without correcting your typo error. We’ve all been there. Always carefully read through before submitting.

Stumbling as you walk down the runway


We’ve all been there. A slight misjudgement as you place your foot down on those 6inch heels . Get up and walk on like it never happened. What stumble??

Getting lost on your way to your photoshoot


It’s easy to do in a big, unfamiliar city. Stay calm consult your directions and keep moving. You don’t want to be late.

When a spot appears the day before the shoot


The red, swollen mark is looking back at you in the mirror in a taunting way. Keep your cool, add a touch of concealer and you will be good to go.

When you’ve been asked to attend a casting


Woohooo!!! You have just received a call to attend a casting. Turn that excitement into positive energy and nail it.

When your friend gets your job


It’s like a kick in the teeth when your friend secures a role over you. Try not to act out and be jealous as your turn will come around in good time. Remember model friends and much better than enemies.

Trying to figure out how to look fierce with your eyes


You’ve heard it right? That eye expression that everyone is talking about. Practice prior to a shoot to ensure that you’ve cracked the code. Steer away from the stunned eye movement. It’s not a good look.

So, can you relate to these struggles?

What did you have to face head on everyday to succeed? We’d love to know.

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