5 Ways to Prove If Modelling Is For You

  • Amy Bebbington

Are you intrigued by the prospect of modelling and what it involves but equally feel unsure that it may not be for you? Relax. Inconsistent thinking is a regularity for young models who are both tempted and scared by the industry.

Many attempt to make it as a model and either fail or decide it is not the correct career path. It is perfectly fine to change your mind if you are not enjoying modelling. The benefit of starting out young is that you have plenty of time to make your mind up and try out different interests.

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Check out the following pointers of what to do if you feel unsure about modelling.

Do Your Research

The initial action is to research into the modelling industry to discover whether it is an option that you would be interested in. You do not have to act upon your discoveries but it is important to be knowledgeable before making your decision. Find out expectations and successful models experiences to see if you can imagine yourself in this position or not.

The type of modelling in the fashion industry that you wish to be part of demands different statistics from their models. Whether your goal is to enter the high fashion world or become a plus-size model, it is wise to research into modelling agencies that specialise in these areas to get a better understanding of what it takes. The catwalk and runway models tend to have an extremely tall, waif-like figure whereas fuller physiques are sought after in the plus size world. Although, positive steps are being taken to diminish the perception of the ‘perfect body’ in the high fashion arena.


Experience Is Key

You will not truly know until you try out modelling whether you love or loathe the profession. It is important to give an opportunity a try to give the industry a fair go before making a decision. If the photoshoot or fashion show makes you feel shy or awkward then you will instantly realise that the industry is not suited to you. However, you may be pleasantly surprised with how much you have enjoyed the day and want to pursue more leads.

A modelling career takes a huge amount of time and effort and will certainly not happen overnight. Therefore, you must be prepared for hard work and practicing a lot. Some take modelling classes to sharpen their skills. It is the perfect experience to understand if you love the profession.

Just Relax

Do not stress about the decision too much as you will know deep down if it is not suited to your personality. It is important to remain relaxed and calm whilst figuring out your plan as there is always time to change your mind. Do not cancel at the last minute, see the job through first and then stop looking for work in the field if you are not taking to modelling. Most models have doubts at some stage and is not uncommon for people to change direction in their journey.

Rejection is common practice in the industry and can get to models making them feel deflated and insecure. Again, with experience you will be able to shrug off their opinions easier and feel elated when you do secure a role. Remember this feeling when you don’t get the job. However, if the harsh remarks start to get to you, it might be time to rethink your career choice.


Enjoy It

Try to enjoy your time within the industry as well as working hard to achieve your goal. Do not let nervousness prevent you from looking at the positives of modelling. It is important to distinguish between disliking the shoot and butterflies in your stomach. The difference is that after the shoot you will feel elated and pride eager to book in another one. It is natural to feel nervous prior to the photoshoot but if enjoyed excitement will take over. However, if the dread and awkwardness remains it may be time to reconsider your plan.

A big part of the model experience is travelling the world, if you’re lucky enough to secure jobs in New York, for example. Not everyone will be in this position, but if you are don’t forget to enjoy the trip as well as finding out who is paying for the expenses before accepting.

Be Honest

Be honest with those surrounding you and most importantly yourself. Do not be pushed into a decision or route but really consider what niche and direction you wish to work towards. If you remain true to yourself then you will be happier in the roles you accept rather than agreeing to shoots that you feel uncomfortable with, which will more than likely end in a negative.

Did you instantly know that modelling was for you or did it take some time? 

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