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5 Reasons Why A Models Location is Important

  • Amy Bebbington

A models location is vital to their success as their residence can determine how a hopefuls career will play out. The modelling industry thrives in a city that is heavily influenced by fashion and style; a location that is bustling with energy and life attracts creatives and innovators of art. Choosing your location depends on numerous factors that you must take into consideration if you wish to carve a successful career. Evaluate the following pointers to aid your decision of where is the best place to live.

Proximity to London

The capital is the centre of the modelling industry and where the majority of agencies and designers reside. It is important that you are in close proximity to London to be able to attend castings at a moments notice without too much trouble. The most obvious choice would be to inhabit the city to have the flexibility to accept as many opportunities as possible. Living further away could cause many problems as commuting to the big city will take time and restrict your chances.



Relocating is an important decision to truly consider as London can be an intimidating scary place for a young individual. Yes, you will be in a more promising position yet you must remain safe and cautious at all times. Do not rush into any decisions yet visit the capital frequently to gain a good feel for the city and where you would like to live. Stay with friends if possible and ask for advice to ensure that you are living in a safe area. At first moving to a new city can be lonely without family and friends yet with time you will meet new people and feel more at home yet you must be patient. Also, with the use of the Internet you will be able to stay in touch with relatives much easier.



However, those who are drawn to the lights of the big city must find the funds to be able to survive with the high rent and bills to pay. Therefore, it will be part of a bigger plan rather than a spontaneous decision giving time to save as much as possible. It is an expensive lifestyle that requires for you to be careful with your money and maybe get a job outside of the modelling industry to fund your dream temporarily. Even if you choose to live outside of the city you will have to account for money on transportation and overnight accommodation, which could mount up to be a hefty figure.


When deciding on your permanent location you must take in consideration of the transportation system surrounding the area. You must be able to travel to your destination quickly and promptly at all times, therefore, it is important to know that you can rely on the tubes or buses to arrive on time. Ensure that you know the timetable well and if there are any strikes or delays especially if you are commuting a far distance. Leave plenty of time to ensure that you do not make a bad first impression.


It must be your decision as to where you live to further your career. Do not be swayed by others and their thoughts as it is your life to live out as you wish. Do not move to a city or house unless you feel 100% comfortable with the decision as you need to feel safe and confident in the choice. Take others advice on board and listen carefully to then come to your own conclusion.

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