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5 Qualities to Succeed as a Model

  • Amy Bebbington

When beginning your journey in the modelling industry many begin to wonder if they have the qualities and traits suited for the fiercely competitive world. The character required to survive the challenging, fickle yet incredible fashion industry is built through each experience.

Many traits do come naturally yet shine and develop further during each obstacle, proud moment or rejection. Every fashion model learns and grows over time to deal with each scenario laid ahead of them.

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Here are 5 qualities that a model must develop when navigating through the industry.

Are You Determined?

A hopeful with a determined character will have a fighting chance of becoming a successful model. It is not an easy career to choose and therefore, demands for individuals to be committed to their dream and not give up when opportunities fizzle or do not present themselves. It is important to remember your talent and have the faith that you will succeed.

Do You Have Confidence?

Professional models are expected to possess self-confidence and self-assurance when arriving at a photoshoot or catwalk show. This level of confidence is also required whilst performing the modelling role as shy and timid characters will not deliver. It is normal to feel nervous especially at your first fashion show yet use these feelings for good and to help your performance on the day. Also, as your modelling career progresses you will start to build more confidence with experience.

Each ad campaign secured by your modelling agency will add to your experience making you feel established understanding the industry much better. Make sure you post these images to social media especially Instagram to showcase your portfolio of work. It something to look back on and be proud of. However, do be wary of scam artists who may message you on social media. Ignore them.

Some hopefuls attend modelling schools to build up their experience and to learn skills in posing and walking. They find it very useful boosting their confidence significantly.

Are You Prepared to Put in the Hard Work?

The modelling industry demands individuals who have a work ethic that understands hard work welcoming early starts and late finishes due to their commitment and passion for their career. An ambitious character who is determined to succeed through sheer hard work will be well suited to the modelling world. It is certainly not an easy profession – laziness will not be welcomed!

Imagine working for New York or London Fashion Week. It may look like fun yet high fashion models are expected to work extremely hard. Models will most likely be walking in quite a few runway shows and therefore, will be working for multiple fashion designers juggling all the commitments that come prior to the show and after. Runway models are expected to attend fittings in advance and be on time for the makeup artist, which may involve dashing across town in a frenzy from the last venue. Stylists do not have the time to wait for you.

Is Modelling Your Passion?

Female and male models who succeed in the modelling industry need to be passionate about their career and enjoy the world of style and fashion. An enthusiastic and energetic individual will have the instinct to naturally locate opportunities and embrace new interactions. Their passion and interest for the industry will allow for them to enjoy each role and live their life to the fullest. A negative and disinterested attitude will hinder a career rather than progress it further.


Are You Persistent?

It is a known fact that most models face rejection and closed doors on many occasion. It is easy to feel deflated and upset yet as a model it is a part of everyday life. The rejection enables for you to be persistent and keep fighting for your place. Every successful model has had to go through times of upset and failure yet it enables for them to be strong and fearless allowing for them to grow into an amazingly supermodel.

Remember you’re about one in a million hopefuls trying to make it as a model. Therefore, passion and hard work are essential to making sure that you are one who deserves your place in the limelight.

There are many different types of modelling so make sure you choose the one that suits your look. Commercial models have a very different style to high fashion. Being realistic is a huge part of it as persistence will only get you so far. If you’re trying to make it in the wrong field you will find it even harder than most. Each modelling agency specialises in different areas having the skills and connections to help you succeed.

What qualities do you think have helped you in becoming a model? Are there traits that I have not covered? Please comment below with your answers. 

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