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5 Points for a Model to Consider if Living at Home

  • Amy Bebbington

Do you yearn to be a model yet do not feel ready to move away from home and your loved ones? Are you concerned that this factor will affect your success in the modelling industry? There is not a simple answer to your question yet staying close to home doesn’t exclude you from the industry altogether but could make your journey more difficult. Below are some pointers to consider when making that important decision of where to live as it is worthwhile evaluating all of your options.


The town or city that you grew up in and calls for you to remain close due to family, friends, security, financial circumstances and familiarity needs to be within a reasonable distance to a fashion led area. If you are unwilling to relocate travelling to castings and roles will become your routine and therefore, needs to be realistic. If your parents live in a rural area with little transportation isolated from the world it is probably not going to work, yet if you are situated in a town on the outskirts of the city travelling is more manageable. Therefore, research into the opportunities in the closest city or prepare to commute to London regularly.



As I briefly mentioned if you choose to stay at home you will have to commute to various places to feature as a model. It is vital that your location has a service that allows for easy access to major cities such as London. Models do work all over the country yet are primarily based in the capital as it is the hub of style, creativity and imagination. Always prepare for delays and cancellations with public transport and leave well in advance to make your appointment on time. It will be a long and exhausting day with the issue of travel on top with early mornings and late finishes. Depending on the schedule it may be worthwhile booking a hotel or staying with friends to be safe and the bus or train may not have started or finished running making your options limited. Relying on public transport can be awkward yet if it outweighs living away from home it is personally worth it.


Save Money

Living at home with your parents may actually save you a lot of money as living independently is expensive. You will probably only have to pay a fraction of the rent in comparison to a landlord – if anything at all – therefore, you can use your income to pay for travel. Also, it is a great opportunity to save money to ensure that you have a bank of funds for last minute roles. Travelling to various destinations regularly is expensive so it is vital that you have sufficient funds to pay for your choice of travel.


Missed Opportunities

You will probably have to face the fact that you will miss modelling opportunities due to your location. The reality is that employers may avoid choosing you due to your location especially if it is far away from the your chosen place of residence. They will worry about your punctuality and reliability yet it is up to you to prove that this is not a factor as you arrive on time and are well prepared. If an opportunity arises last minute then you will not have the time to get there and will miss those impromptu moments.


Flexibility is key in the modelling industry and therefore, you are required to have a schedule that is moveable especially when living a fair distance away. Having a 9 to 5 work balance is not suitable for the demands of the industry as you will have little room to move your schedule around for modelling commitments. It is wise to find a job that is flexible with shift swapping to accommodate your travel and modelling role.

Do you live at home and still uphold a modelling career? We would like to hear from you………..

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