5 Models Prove Scars Do Not Hinder Your Career

  • Amy Bebbington

Scars are unique, beautiful and pretty. And you better start believing it! Too many adolescents hide ashamed of their marks yet it is time to embrace your individuality lifting your opinion of yourself.

Let’s face it facial scars are common with many worrying that the mark will prevent them from entering the modelling industry. Scars from a childhood incident, suffering from acne or from a nasty accident can cause unwanted marks to the face. Many feel insecure and embarrassed by their scars leaving  young individuals worried that their chances have been scuppered before they began. However, it is time to understand that young models who embrace their scars are successful in the industry.


Meet 5 inspiring models who have embraced a career despite their facial scars. Talking to Teen Vogue they share their positive attitude and outlook on life; influential young models who are not intimidated by the expectations of the fashion industry. Breaking down the boundaries firmly set in the fashion world is a huge achievement that will support and help aspiring models. Their legacy to date will guide so many young teens providing hope and a goal to strive for.

Adau Mornyang

“Now I’m starting to embrace it more. I’m starting to appreciate it because I’m unique! I’m in the modeling industry where you have to be perfect, so being able to work with a scar is really good. I feel special!”

Cat Darling

“Love yourself. You weren’t created to be like everyone else. If you have a scar, you have a scar. I have so many and I love each and every single one of them! People think it’s such a big deal, but it’s a beautiful thing to be different. Love it!”

Mollye Rogel

“I think it’s hard. When you’re younger, it’s hard to listen to people telling you what to think. But, the most important thing is to wait it out a little bit and try to think about the other things you love about yourself.”

Keelin McMahon

“I feel like my face would look weird without it! I wouldn’t look like myself if I didn’t have it. I’ve done makeup before where I’ve tried to cover it up and I notice more when it’s gone than when it’s there, if that makes sense.”

Yanii Gough

“Rock that scar! Rock. That. Scar. Don’t be afraid! I feel like everything happens for a reason and there’s a reason why I have my scar. I wouldn’t be able to tell my story if I didn’t have it.”

All at some point many have considered removing their mark yet decided against the fleeting thought. Why? Because the scar is apart of who they are. Erasing their mark will erase apart of them, their complete uniqueness to everyone else. It is not the girls who should alter yet those who fear quirks, new ideas and implement a forcefulness towards ‘perfection.’

What is ‘perfection’ anyway? Flawlessness? A clear complexion? Many are striving towards a false idealism where models appear to have radiant skin free of marks, spots, freckles or blemishes. I’m afraid it is called digital retouching. An industry that has exploded out of control allowing for models to become a fantasy; an unattainable idea that no one can achieve. Therefore, the above five models who wear their scars with pride are inspirational figures to those struggling to accept themselves for who they are! A beautiful, unique, original, individual person who wears a story on their face. Each scar is a memory (good and bad), a reminder that they can inspire others to no longer feel alone; actual living proof that you can make it in the modelling world quirks and all!

Do you have a scar? Get in touch if you would like to share your story or for any more advice.

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