3 Models With Famous Parents

  • Claire Louise

Models with famous parents are everywhere, which is exciting, but their story will be different from yours if you’re trying to break into the industry.

Becoming a model is often all about luck. You can read tips and advice to make it to the top, but a lot of things will give you an edge, and they’re unfortunately often things that you can’t change! One major factor is genetics! Think about all of the famous children who have got into modelling. Whilst a lot of models with famous parents would deny that nepotism is at play, it must really help to have parents in high places.


You can’t change who your mum and dad are, sadly, but perhaps you can look to these celebrity children (and now models in their own right) for inspiration! Here are just three celebrity children who’ve become models!

Lourdes Leon, Daughter of Madonna

Her mother needs no intro, and soon, Lourdes won’t either! The 19-year-old made her modelling debut just this week as part of the new Stella McCartney fragrance campaign.

She’s a student as well, but she’s proving you can juggle both with your studies. We can’t wait to see where she goes next, hopefully doing really well like other models with famous parents!

Kendall Jenner, Daughter of Kris and Caitlyn (Formerly Bruce) Jenner 

The 20-year-old reality star is part of arguably the most famous family of all time, and with such gorgeous siblings and a whole lot of money, it’s no wonder Kendall is such an incredible model. She’s more than definitely got the looks – at 5″10.5 and with a graceful and slender figure and great hair, she’s been doing modelling campaigns all over the world.

She’s done Victoria’s Secret, and walked for the likes of Balmain, Chanel and so many more. She’s ranked in the world’s top earning models, so she’s right at the top end of the models with famous parents, and we bet she can only go up from here!

Brooklyn Beckham, Son of David and Victoria Beckham

When your parents are the most sought after in their respective sporting, music and fashion fields, it’s not surprising that their offspring would be absolutely gorgeous! Brooklyn may only be 17 but, like his younger brother Romeo, he’s already modelling.

In fact, the young star is a boy (man?) of many talents, and looking good is just one of them. In terms of his modelling career, he’s seen as a photogenic and especially handsome for his age, having already shot for high profile campaigns. Whether he sticks with this or pursues movies or something else instead, we wish him every bit of luck!

If your parents were famous, would you use them to help you get ahead in your modelling career like these models with famous parents? Let us know in the comments!

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