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What Is the Average Height of a Teen Model?

  • Amy Bebbington

Height does matter, even for teenagers. The high fashion industry does favour the tall, slim, waif-like body type that grace the runway. Teens and young adults are more likely to fit this mould making the modelling industry a young persons landscape.

However, outside of the high fashion world, height for teen models is viewed a little differently. Commercial modelling offers a more relaxed approach to teens who wish to reflect their age and sell to a target audience.

Let us explain further…

High Fashion vs Commercial

The High Fashion World

Vogue to Only Hire 18 Year Olds

Commercial Models

Getting Signed to a Modelling Agency

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High Fashion vs Commercial

These two areas of the modelling industry that have a very different view on height requirements for teen girls.

The High Fashion World

Average height: Age 14-15: 5’7″-6’0″. Age 16-22: 5’9″-6’0″.

Favoured by the high fashion modelling world, these heights are the standard expected of teens wishing to make it in this type of modelling. Only a select few will reach this height with scouts reaching out to young teens on social media or spotting potential talent at festivals and shopping malls.


Height requirements are not stated for agencies open calls yet they do ask for models to provide their height, weight and full measurements.

Over the years, many models aged from 13-16 have been scouted by modelling agencies and thrust into the so called glamorous world of high fashion. Those who are very tall with a slim figure have become the ideal fit for top designers to showcase their latest creations, fitting their designs to this physique.

Gracing the catwalk in Paris, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York or shooting for top editorial magazines becomes their job along with a lot of pressure. Runway models are usually very young to meet height and weight requirements that only teens can fulfil. The face of the industry has become a 14-15 year old. The likes of Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss were scouted in their mid-teens too and have enjoyed a long, successful career.

The idea of a young teen with little life experience working in an adults world has become the norm yet many feel as though adolescents are too vulnerable, innocent and naive to live this lifestyle. Working very long hours for little money, travelling consistently and fighting to maintain an unachievable physique as they grow is too much at such a young age. Both young male and female models are put under this pressure.

Vogue to Only Hire 18 Year Olds

Vogue have recently made a commitment to only work with 18 year old fashion models and over. An age where an individual can make their own decisions and is now officially an adult. They understand that in the past they have contributed to a fashion world that hires mid-teens to step into an adults shoes yet wishes to leave this in the past.

Their aim is to move forward into a future where their magazine reflects those buying it rather than a child who is far removed. This includes their magazines across the world such as Vogue Paris, British Vogue, Vogue Italia and American Vogue. Let’s hope many follow in their footsteps by only hiring professional models of 18+.

Attitude to Size

Another criticism of the high fashion world is their approach to size. Although their attitude is getting much better and inclusion of plus size models is increasing there is still a long way to go. Therefore, make sure that your teen has a good attitude to their weight and figure as the fashion industry can make impressions on young people. Plus size modelling is making waves in the industry and hopefully will become more than a token gesture.


Commercial Models

In this industry, model height is much more relaxed especially for teens. Popular high street stores such as Next and M&S seek a friendly, happy face rather than an unachievable height. The images are much more innocent and suit the age range of teen fashion models. Therefore, different heights are considered as long as they look the age of the target audience.

Commercial modelling agencies are looking for teens who photograph well, have a cute smile and are natural in front of the camera. Their confidence is much more important than height as brands will hire models who enjoy this type of work as it will show in the final images.

At the photoshoot, teens will be asked to be natural and smile a lot. It is a completely different look compared to high fashion with children and teens acting their age. This type of imagery attracts parents who will most likely be buying the clothes.


Getting Signed to a Modelling Agency

After taking a look at the different types of modelling for teens, you can decide which niche you wish to go for alongside your parents. Being aged under 18 requires you to have your mum or dad’s approval. Therefore, make sure you discuss your options with them to embark on this journey together.

Find Agencies Within Your Niche

There are specific agencies who specialise in teen modelling. Make sure they are legit before applying and do not part with any money. Reputable agencies can help you find work suitable to your height and age creating a successful modelling career with you. They can help answer questions that you have about the industry and reassure any concerns.

Apply, Apply, Apply

Find the section on the model agencies website that provides instructions of how to apply. Usually, you will have the option of completing an application form or attending one of their open calls.

The Application Form

Make sure that you enter all details correctly including your name, contact details, statistics and a photograph – either a body shot or professional photos. Submitted images must meet their standards that they stipulate on their website. Read over a few times to avoid sending with a missing digit or letter. Do not rush as this leads to mistakes.

The Open Call

The date and times will be stated on their website. Make sure you are prompt to avoid disappointment. Agents are extremely busy and therefore, will not have additional time to see you. The appointment will not last very long and you will have an answer straight away.

Be Patient

The modelling industry is difficult to get into. Even top models have to endure rejection especially in the early stages of their modelling career. Therefore, be patient and positive, you will get there eventually.

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