Should Magazine Covers be Exclusive to Models?

  • Amy Bebbington

Karlie Kloss declares “I could not be more proud of what I see on the newsstand right now……..Models on COVERS!!! What a wonderful and refreshing site! So proud of my friends on these major accomplishments.” 

With the gushing statement accompanying an Instagram image of the newsstand with publications such as Vogue where herself and Taylor Swift share the cover, Kendall Jenner graces Allure and Candice Swanepoel fronts SELF magazine. Her comment is referring to the fact that many magazines will regularly choose a famous actress, singer or IT girl to front the issue, which takes up spots for high profile models. The magazine’s intention is to attract attention from the fans of the celebrity in question and therefore, resulting in an increase in sales.


However, is the use of an actress or singer featuring far to often for the models especially Karie Kloss’ liking?

Does she feel that the covers should be left to the professionals rather than the likes of Beyoncé, Rihanna and Alexa Chung gracing the glossy front. In Karlie’s words of ‘models on COVERS’, a ‘refreshing site’ and ‘major accomplishments’ suggests that the beauty is proud and relieved to witness a newsstand that solely features models on the covers of magazines. Her statement suggests that this is a rare site to see and is almost campaigning for models rights and a future where more models are selected for covers. It is a huge honour and the ultimate accomplishment for a model to appear on Vogue or Elle magazine with healthy competition from model and celebrity rivals. When Jourdan Dunn was chosen for Vogue a couple of months back there was a major unheavel to declare that it was the first time in years that a black model was selected for the front cover. It is a sign that an individual has achieved a high class status within their modelling career.

Ultimately, a publication will look after their own interests and survival in a difficult climate. Since the online phemonemon dramatically affected the sales of magazines turning to internet resources to uncover the latest fashion trends and news. All magazines have online versions, which will be a battle in its self as the publication has to attract and persuade consumers to purchase a printed magazine to keep the company in business. Therefore, if proven statistics have shown that celebs attract more sales than models then of course, it works in their favour to showcase a popular identity on the cover yet not excluding models entirely. However, models have become celebrities in their own right with social media platforms showing an insight into their life. Fans will now buy a magazine based on the model that is posing on the front. They have an allure that may be the reason why the newsstand shows that magazines have chosen models over actresses this month.


The revolution of playing to your strengths and showcasing all talents is more apparent now than ever before. Celebrities act, sing, model and design to earn an income and to gain a wider exposure allowing the boundaries to be blurred. The same principle applies to models as they branch out into various creative sectors. With the likes of Cara Delevingne adding designer, writer and actor to her CV as well as her successful modelling career. Therefore, actresses could attack Cara for taking a role that an actress could have had. The movement in industries allows for individuals to embrace all their talents that can support their current roles rather than be restricted to one.

What are your this of this delicate issue?

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